Spied Testing – Tata Nano Diesel

Though the car does not have any visible sign of it being a diesel variant, still according to a source the engine gave out a distinctive diesel clutter. This Nano was spied on the roads of Bangalore. Five years to its launch with the hype of being the cheapest car, unfortunately it has not performed as expected.

Now looks like, Tata is intending to join the 3.5 lakhs category along with Alto 800, Hyundai Eon and as well as Alto itself, giving the Nano a second lifeline.

Expectations are that the diesel run Tata Nano will be powered by a sub 1-liter diesel mil, which will produce (little less then) 50 bhp and a decent level of torque, which should make it easier when the car is on load while driving.

Tata Nano diesel spied testing
The transmission from the Tata Ace pickup truck in an improved version is expected to be used in the Nano to keep the cost down (to keep the ‘cheapest car’ motive alive).

In terms of overall changes, the design (outer-look) is expected to be retained though the interior and bumper is expected to go through changes.

The featured offer special Nano, which was launched a few months back, is expected to become standard equipment for the high end variant.

As per reports, “The new Tata Nano Diesel does not emerge to boast any alterations on the outer surface, the only modification we are anticipating the Nano to boast is the sub- 1.0-litre diesel motor together with a complete new exhaust display.”

The report added that there is also not any official proof on the precise power specifications of the vehicle, we are eyeing it to be returning the fuel saving as much as 35 kilo meter per liter. Whilst the cost must be between Rs 2.5-3 lakh, turning it the most affordable diesel car ever made.

This is all what we have for the time being. Keep watching the space for all the newest updates on the same. Cheers!

Image Courtesy – www.powerdrift.com

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