Used Maruti 800: An Expensive Futuristic Vintage Packet

However, there are already reports on our blog about the used Maruti 800, but due to the growing demand of being ‘fuel efficient’ we then decided to have a throw at the best-in-class leader of mileage of its times. In fact it was our one of my cousin who had just learnt to drive a car and was willing to buy the one to get his steer clear-cut in the daily routines. However, not moving into the deep, we will just give you the upper crust of it in this posted article.

To take on the toil further on, we called up the free lance dealer and made out the appointment for a visit to one of the nearby garage. Hopefully, it is still said that the car of Maruti 800 badge was sold in October 2011, so due to its aggressive customer base many of the audience whom we had seen were not willing to sell their metal. It’s because, during the good olden days, the 800 was pronounced to be the people’s car, so keeping a one its sample in the covered garage of the house will sometime fetch a good resale value in the future, says one of the free lance dealer. Lest, the time and again, we were there at the garage shop in the time of another half an hour walk. And there was the car standing in the normal condition there in the shabby shed of the road-side repairing bay. Thought the model was of the 2002, hence the proper used car dealers did not entertained it in their repertoire for being too old, which in return was doing the rounds of such arbitraged workshops. We were then told that the owner is an old man so he is unable to come down this point, instead it was the garage owner who is now being renounced as the owner of that car. Though by luck that garage-wala turned out to be a good person when we started talking to him, hence our confidence now gets restored that was first lost on seeing him during the first 3 seconds, because of his appearance. Well, we were on the doubt that the garage owner may have ruled out the original parts from the car or his extra profit, so we decided to open the engine first to inspect rather than getting inside and making out the view of the interiors.

Used Maruti 800

To our relief, the engine and other technicalities were maintained in good condition, but there were some of the leakages reported on some interiors parts of it. While the free lance dealer was intending us to make a good bargain due to the leakages, but we realized that one is not the major, so the present owner of the car may not accept it to lose the brownie points for us due to those. Meanwhile, concluded all the rest to be okay, we were just about to close the bonnet when the cousin pointed out one more negativity. And that is the rust inclination on the hinged corner of hood. Though we didn’t think it as minor one, because the rust can compel one to make the replacement of whole body which may make the costing reach too mad than what could have thought. At this point of time we were turned off, yet another intervention of that free lance dealer came, and it bestowed us that , sir the pre-owned market in Kurla and Chor Bazaar will get you the spare parts and body too in the don’t cheap pricey and those would be of better quality too. Lest, it is a job for the one who is all time free and can make a regular visit there to get the perfect one for the amount being paid. Well, we then became totally disinterested to mark this in our purchase, but after walking half an hour from our home to there, we thought let’s take a test drive too. To be honest, the moment when we opened the door it was normal than it should be. All the clichés were restored in the perfect condition and the ACs were working very well. Hope so all the gremlins may fall in place, but the cousin who was sitting in the pilot seat had retarded us, there were some knick knack during the gear change. There were some of the electrical issues too, like the wipers were not in the so good condition, headlamps tend to stop sometime, or may not give the right response when you clicked the desired switch, and the aftermarket fitted power windows were not so desirable. While we then decided to end up the test drive on the street of our apartment, but before getting out there, we made a ‘brake test’ on the run, and to our surprise, it returned the more powerful result than we could have thought of. There was a strange reason behind it for being too aggressive, said the current owner.

He continued, the actual owner is an old man and was facing some problem in the legs, so to suit his health condition he wasn’t advised to drive the car much, but due to its love with the vehicle, he had made the braking powerful, so that the hard braking on the normal pedal condition may not land in him in some other fuss. And my cousin, who was driving the car, also reported the acceleration was at par than of the other Maruti 800, all because of the said reason. Lest, of all the excitement, we then decided to end our test drive, and was conclude the results whether we are interested in making the purchase or not. So taken advantage of my bonding with the free lance associate we then asked him for some time to think over and would make the decision then. In addition, the last factor which we were made aware of was the pricing. He asked us for more than the ‘three grinds’, which means a cool half a grind over the market rate, and that too with the nuisances stuffed inside. Hopefully, we then left the deal and made route to our home, back to the Google and calls to lug of free lancers again, hoping that something or the other may come out soon.

Well, ours decision of putting down that deal was the extra expenditure which we were slotted to borne it after the purchase, and to be true it wasn’t that current owner who had demanded such costs, the old guy who was ordering the decision from home was the main decision maker behind the scene. Hoping so, we asked the actual owner to cut down some of oodles of questions, he remained aggressive and refuses to sell. And this scene again to the point what we our free lance dealer had said above, the owner who owns a Maruti 800 tends to keep it there in the garage so the he may drive home a good sum of money when the day would pass by and this may become an eye candy for the vintage lovers, after all it had maintained the legacy for more than 25 years and is still giving out the true value for what the money is paid to.

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