Expected D-Segment Sedan Launches In India For 2015

No longer had sedans in India remained a big-game changer for the automakers, as one and all are mostly clutched towards compact SUVs or crossovers. Still, some automakers managed to cup a number of them (from the D-segment) and are about to unleash them in the Indian terrain to at least give the slice of sophistication a new lease of life. Mentioned here is a list stating the possible launches of D-segment sedans in India during 2015.

  • Skoda Superb

Superb had given super performance due to a reason of being the only car with the diesel option available in its segment in India. The new replacement waived of coming soon to our shores at 2016 Delhi Auto Expo, it will be a host to the features like electric sunroof, 12-speaker Canton music-system, 3-zone air-conditioning, Wi-Fi hotspot, and more.

Skoda Superb

  • Toyota Camry Facelift

The global success of this car was not replicated in India despite various attempts. A facelift debuted in the international markets is about to enter the country soon. Based on the same platform, it will use the ongoing engine options of petrol and hybrid. The cabin may see a sea of changes like 6.2-inch touchscreen, three-spoke steering wheel, new instrument cluster consisted of 4.3-inch screen and more. The styling modifications on outer concluded by brand new headlamps, tail lamps, front grille and some other nip and tucks.

Toyota Camry Facelift

  • New Honda Accord

Honda Accord, the car that stays deep inside the heart of sedan buyers, and sometimes do give complex to the niches like BMW, Mercedes and Audi, will once again return to the Indian shores, exceptionally with a diesel engine this time. Undoubted, a hybrid version will occupy the list for some exclusive buyers, but the performance seekers who withdrew adrenaline earlier from a 3.0-litre V6 will now be disappointed.

New Honda Accord

  • New Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai this time wants to play risky. The carmaker rolled off this model from India due to the lack of sales with regards to only petrol option available on the sales floor, is again bound of launching soon with ‘petrol motor’. Yet, no diesel this time even. The carmaker is about to work on the bridging gap between petrol and diesel fuel prices which may work for them positively. Endless list of features would include 8-inch touchscreen mounted on central console, voice recognition, panoramic sunroof, heated seats and so on. Buyers may also experience lower NVH (noise, vibration and harness) levels inside the cabin. The styling on outer may see the brand new front grille, updated fog lamps, LEDs daytime running lights, spanking new tail lamps, and more.

New Hyundai Sonata

Why Buying Used Car Is Better At U-Trust: Explains Toyota

Buying a used car had always remained a question of taking a chance, where some buyers settled for a small car instead of buying a SUV in pre-owned for that same amount of money. Though a carmaker like no other in India, Toyota Kirloskar Motors, which is been very much dignified for the adherence to quality standards in new cars, had marched the step to sort out the drawbacks that are associated when thought of going with the pre-owned option. To explain that very well, it even inaugurated the separate dealerships alongside its brand called as U-Trust back in 2007. Now, to zoom past rivals in this year and further against selling the maximum of used metals from the showrooms and satisfying more customers, the automaker had provided its own explanation why U-Trust is simply better than the other options available in market.

First of all, it has hit the nail directly on its head. Buyers if opted to go for the pre-owned car then can elevate to a segment above as compared to the options available in new car market. For example, many can buy a BMW sedan if they were out in the market to buy a SUV. Or on the smaller side, hatchback/compact car buyers can elevate to a pre-owned SUV for the same price.

Secondly, there is a huge difference between the conventional used car, and a one bought from the Toyota U-Trust.  The vehicles that pass through the U-Trust band undergo 203 checks, which are done by the professionals.

Toyota Corolla Altis

For surpassing the test, and before turning eligible for the sale, cars are made to move through a service centre checkup as well which ensures deeper analysis. And if found as per the standards then Toyota trained technicians do the best of their refurbishing job. Only Toyota Genuine parts are used, and then certification is issued.

Toyota U-Trust provides 2 years/30,000kms warranty and also gives up to 3 free services, as per the schedule of periodic maintenance service (PMS). Warranties Free services can be availed at any Toyota workshops across India.

For those who wished to go for the loan as well, are offered various loan schemes to choose from at attractive rates.

Buyers also get assistance in the transfer of documents from U-Trust dealers, turning the experience completely hassle free.

That’s not all, even if a layman who had bought a used Toyota car from outside, can also turn to U-Trust for knowing the service history and accident details about the vehicle. Toyota do not hesitate in sharing that information, that’s obviously a part of its service.

Hence, all these aforesaid measures make the experience of buying a U-Trust car at par with the new car.

Top Five Fuel-Efficient Diesel Cars In India

Though, certain criteria explains petrol option is pocket-friendly if wished to own the car in small size, or if had bought the just for weekend trips; but certainly the diesel had always topped the sales chart. After all, who wished to care about the fuel prices once after buying a car in India, and diesel always delivers more kilometers per litre in any condition, so the most of Indians tend to go with the said option. After the launch of Maruti Swift Dzire facelift, variation between petrol and diesel has risen to an all new level, with this compact sedan delivering max fuel-efficiency as per ARAI in India from a single litre of diesel. To work out the rankings which are just scuffled to accommodate this newbie, here is the fresh list with all the details to know about the top-five fuel-efficient diesel cars available on sale in this country.

Maruti Swift Dzire

The Maruti’s favourite horse to bet even at the dead of a race, has delivered the carmaker to serve more than expected, and is the only model to be sold this widely in the segment. Swift Dzire with its minute cosmetic changes hasn’t raised eyebrows, but the tweaked fuel-efficiency figure claims it to the crown of most fuel-efficient car on sale in India. At 26.59 kmpl it dethroned the Ciaz to sit on the second position. Power delivery is as usual of 74bhp and 190Nm of torque from a 1.3-litre DDIS engine.

Maruti Swift Dzire

Maruti Ciaz

An all new car for the Maruti to experience and gauge the segment rightly which has been delivering failed results to them for past by the means of SX4 and Baleno, is accessed rightly with the claimed fuel-efficiency of 26.21kmpl. This high fuel-economy from the car so long and heavy was unexpected from the maker which stands neck to neck with the magnificent examples like Honda City and so on. The package with numerous new features along with 89bhp and 200Nm of torque from the Dzire’s 1.3-litre engine is enough to keep the foot dabbed on accelerator.

Maruti Ciaz

Honda City

Honda City is sold in immaculate numbers since the launch, all thanks to the diesel trim added to the list, where earlier buyers were able to buy only petrol based versions. Now, the 1.5-litre engine under its bonnet delivers the whopping 99bhp and 200Nm of torque with fuel-economy of 26kmpl.

Honda City

Honda Amaze

The amusement of max fuel-economy in India started with the Amaze, which was the first Honda on the shores to get a diesel engine. Planted with City’s 1.5-litre i-DTEC (of 99bhp and 200Nm) it delivers the fuel-economy of 25.8kmpl, slightly lower than the City despite weighing lesser.

Honda Amaze

Chevrolet Beat

Chevy’s Beat is one of the favourite cars to drive on India roads due its small dimensions that aide in tweezing through the corners. But what’s more exciting is the fuel-economy of 25.44kmpl, which it delivers from a 936cc three-cylinder engine worth of 57bhp and 150Nm of torque.

Chevrolet Beat

Cars To Gift Your Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

When it comes to the gifting, gifts to loved ones don’t match the usual standard of a purchase. After all, when the idea is taken into consider of gifting a car to the girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, certainly, it has to be something she may have desired for past many years. In other worlds one can say, those models should be the girl’s most loved cars. Mentioned here is a list of models which one shall refer to gifting his better half on February 14.

Mini Cooper

On the top of this list appears Mini Cooper. The convertible version of it is the top pick if buyer is endowed to spend more than Rs 3 million (or Rs 30 lakh) at least.

Volkswagen Beetle

Another girl’s favourite is Volkswagen Beetle. The most loved car around the world and seriously looked upon as the best gift a girl may receive in her lifetime, with regards to its image it carried over for years. VW Beetle is also famous for being gifted to celebrities by their husbands, intentionally lists it on the priority list.

Cars To Gift Your Girlfriend On Valentine's Day

Ford EcoSport

Girls nowadays are admiring this compact SUV a lot. For the chunky appeal and multi-purpose application, EcoSport happens to be an all-rounder, where the women will never complain after receiving it, and it even falls worthy on the pocket for as low as a shade more than Rs 6 lakh, at a price of hatchback.

Chevrolet Beat

The most affordable option for everyone: Chevrolet Beat is the small car that comes handy to cruise in the city, looks appealing yet aggressive, falls in the budget car category of Rs 4 lakh, and comes with the diesel engine. Ultimately, the bowtie logo on its wide grinning face has been polishing its aesthetics since long back.

Nissan Micra

Nissan’s MIcra failure may have many reasons, but the cars which it has sold have a one strong reason – it appeals the fairer sex a lot. To say it precisely, that Beetle-ish looks and staying friendly to pockets, staring at more than Rs 5 lakh (approximately) this is a cool option to look at amongst the hatchbacks. Additionally, the company also offers the Micra ‘Active’ version for the cost-conscious buyers where it comes for as low as Rs 4 lakh (approximately).

Range Rover Evoque

Niches had taken the toll here. Range Rover Evoque is the most admired SUV by ladies around the world. With cutesy design and a lot to offer of the luxury inside, it is handy to drive. And being Range Rover from its gene, no worries come across the makeup of lady drivers at climbing a hill or crossing a river sitting in this ultimate luxury.

Honda Mobilio

Honda’s Mobilio is for those who love to go with space but in the size of compact sedan. Mobilio marked its success with great numbers being sold month after month. The tug of price was had concluded Honda to sell it for lesser than Rs 6 lakh (approximate) in the starting variant. The diesel option is also available.

Volkswagen Polo

The Polo of VW makes sense for a brilliant gifting idea. Combined with the German engineering, and sheer driving pleasure, asks it to deliver a complete peace of mind every time the buyer steps in.

Datsun GO

The most looked car in the budget category which offers the comfort of a hatchback. The car hits three digit-speed without taking a hitch, as other cars does of this segment. The control and agility to maneuver over every patch of road makes it to stand aggressively on this list. Though, we miss a diesel variant for the GO, but its fuel-efficiency makes up the mood everytime after leaving the petrol station.

Honda Brio

Here, the Brio is just another fine option to look for if sworn to buy a car for the ladies. Hence, this compact Honda is fun to drive and the confidence of Japanese engineering is worth talking of even in this small package.  Although, no diesel option given, makes some buyers turned away from the showrooms, but if like to choose as a gift it will sprung the receiver with joy after driving it.

Upcoming Jaguar Land Rover Cars In India During 2015

Despite being British, Jaguar Land Rover still has to send down every feasible model to India. After all, the benefits of an acquirer Tata Motors being an Indian cannot be snatched away from this market. Strategically, another tangent is also related to it, that’s the market size of India, which is ever growing, where various segments have emerged in the recent times due a youthful audience base.

Mentioned here are the models of Jaguar Land Rover coming to India in 2015.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

The mid-size SUV and an entry-level vehicle at the floor of Range Rover, the Freelander 2, is now going to be replaced by a more useful model called Discovery Sport. The SUV sports a 5+2 seating layout which makes it more adorable for India. Pricing is expected to be in the vicinity of more than Rs 43 lakh. Undoubted, the automaker will provide the option of petrol and diesel both, with 6-and 9-speed automatic gearboxes. The carmaker had already conducted its test drive session for selected media personnel. Now, the launch is awaited.

Upcoming Jaguar Land Rover Cars In India During 2015

Jaguar XE

The most promising Jaguar for India could be the XE. An entry-level model for the maker sure-footedly holds a large sum of expectations, but that doesn’t mean the British will involve neck deep in the cut-throat pricing strategies. As per to a source, Jaguar is claimed of pricing XE as a premium car with goodies loaded, and also the price tag being be slightly notched than the rest of rivals. We speculate the new Ingenium engine family representatives ranging from 2.0-litre to 3.0-litre, and obviously a supercharged V6 of 335bhp shall make its way here. Petrol and diesel both the guises will be given choices of 6-speed manual and 8-speed automatic gearboxes to choose from.

Range Rover Sport SVR

This is the most powerful SUV could be ever made. For such a title, Range Rover Sport SVR emits 542 horsepower from a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine. An 8-speed ZF automatic transmission will take care of the transmission being sent to all-four-wheels.

Jaguar F-Type AWD

Jaguar’s aspirations with the F-Type cannot be explained in words. It is a product that defines Jaguar, irrespective of price tags and its sales figures. After the warming initial response, Jaguar decided to take the F-Type to a new level. This year, after the F-Type coupe launched in India, this two-seater sports car will dwell an AWD drivetrain for an aggressive experience. The aforementioned 5.0-litre supercharged V8 worth of 542hp will be uses here as well with the traction being sent to all-four wheels, drafting it to clock the 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds and hitting a top-speed of no lesser than 300km/h. Doesn’t it sounds exciting even on paper?

New Range Rover India Made Evoque

The compact SUV of Range Rover lineup, Evoque, too had become old fashioned in the Indian market, but the fact is its price tag that turns the model down against rivals. Earned huge custom duties for being imported as CBU (completely built units) made it to go overpriced than the competitors. For the same, Tata Motors, acquirer of JLR brand, is reported to produce the Evoque locally at Pune manufacturing facility. Plans of a locally produced nine-speed automatic ZF gearbox is also rumoured in the market. Hence, the next-generation model which was displayed at Delhi Auto Expo 2014 will be the one to go into production in India. The present-face will be axed. And it the price after that is expected to be escaped in the slot lesser than Rs 50 lakh, where certain expectation for future mimic it to go for an Executive Edition in a toned down avatar – ripped off from goodies and features – like the XF had received last year, for a wider segmentation and better market accessibility.

New Car Launches In February 2015

The month of February is majorly remembered for the Valentine Day (Feb 14) every year, but this year India is bound to get a one more reason to keep of a memory of this month, with special regards to 2015. Hence, amid the various launches of carmakers, the BMW is about to roll down its first hybrid supercar ‘i8’ in India, after initially screening it at Delhi Auto Expo 2014. Baffled by its aerodynamics and design language, it can even put down to shame the Lamborghini at some point. Well more details can be followed down this page. See the launches termed to happen in February 2015, in India, slotted date-wise.

Hyundai Verna Facelift – February 16, 2015

Sold under the banner of Hyundai Solaris in Russia and various other tags for numerous markets, here this sedan in India had garnered adaptive fan following with title of ‘Verna’. Said that, the car came to Indian shores back in 2010, and since then almost next to none amendments are carried out, for which it seems to be in an immediate need of a facelift. Hence, looking down to the competition in India, Hyundai had vowed to bring this new model of Verna to the country on February 16. Changes like revamped front grille, headlamps, fog lamps, addition of daytime running light and LED in tail lamps can be witnessed.

New Car Launches In February 2015

Volkswagen Jetta Facelift – February 17, 2015

After a whole lot of brouhaha that insisting the possibility and downturn of the launch; Volkswagen finally made a cut above the clutter and came out with the launch date of Jetta facelift for India. Scheduled to take place on February 17, this sedan of VW had received a makeover in October 2013, but the burgeoning upgradations on its rivals compels it to bring out a new tool for penetrating the segment. New front grille, wider air dams for better aerodynamics, slimmer tail lamps perched up are the gimmicks witnessed on outer. Inside the cabin, there adorns the clearer and bigger dials, corporate steering wheel and a new high-resolution trip computer. Apparently, the engineers at Volkswagen India don’t happen to quirk it on the technicalities, so it happens to be the same as before, except for the diesel engine that may see a hike of 10bhp in the engine bay.

BMW i8 – February 18, 2015

Finally, there comes the baap of all February launches, the BMW i8, carmaker’s first hybrid sportscar, which in the designing aspect has won accolades and can ashamed anyone else from the repertoire with its jaw-dropping layout. Heavily inspired from the concept model, i8 production car isn’t changed a lot from the conceptual model. Someone even says, buying an i8 like owning a concept car which guarantees more admiration than a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, and appears out of the crowd when driven on the roads. What’s more enticing is its drivetrain that unbelievably from a 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine cast out the spell of 228bhp alone, alongside the electric motor that clocks another 129bbhp, which totals up to 357bhp. This much of power means, i8 can reach 0-100km/h mark in 4.4 seconds and can attain the electronically capped top-speed of 250km/h. With all the capacities of a heavy weight, the car weighs merely 1490kgs on scale. So for this kind of result, extensive use of carbon fibre led BMW to mark a milestone in the automobile industry with i8, which India will be seeing it soon. For the price-tagged followers, this could be something as expensive as Rs 2 crore (expected) ex-showroom, Mumbai. But for such a price, BMW isn’t expecting it to sell in bonking numbers as the model is a ‘halo’ car, which would represent the magnificent work of BMW wherever it lands. As expected, only few units of i8 are bound to be imported in India looking down the segmentation.

Reasons Why Carpooling Is Better

This seems to be an unusual trend in India for a car owner to share its car with four other unknown passengers, as in the country owing a car is a status symbol. But carpooling is adopted very well in European and other countries around the world. As informed by some sources, such a trend had just started gaining popularity in India amongst some well-polished owners. So, thought of why not giving it a shot on our blog, and let there be the widespread talk of benefits of carpooling, when the fuel-prices always remains on the verge of shooting at sky without lending a prior intimation.

Money Saver

Sharing always save money. Carpooling helps to save the running cost. By sharing the same car with other people will cut down fuel-expenses, which turn out to be hefty sum of money, where the same can be used for partying after the office hours on Saturday. In short, or in other words, those car sharers are actually the payers of your party bills.

Reasons Why Carpooling Is Better


As and when the fuel is saved, the environmental journalism always peak in. And that’s true, the emission from car is not healthy for the eco-system, so when four passengers are covering the same distance in the same car, had refrained environment from getting polluted approximately by four times, the percentage varies depending on how many passengers have used the car together.

Social Gathering

Social media websites only allows the users to meet virtually, at the most, but the idea of carpooling actually spread social gathering. That’s right, when travelled alone it was almost found boring, with only means remained to entertain is using smartphone to connect with the infotainment system. But when the same journey is shared, it brings people closer sharing their incidents of journeys, and other life encounters – in order shortens the trip to a miniscule journey. As said, two is a company and three is a party, the phrase fits perfectly here.

Simply Driven

Those lazy and spoilt butts who always wanted to be driven around, rather than drive on own, this option suits them the best. Enjoying a cool ride in someone else’s car and that too for a much lesser cost happens to be a feast for them.

Less Cumbersome

Roads are the oldest mode of transport, so by any means if opted for railways, airways or waterways, then one is needed to shift the road for reaching to the actual destination. Sharing the car frees passengers from the clutter of ticketing, baggage claims, security checks, long waits at the terminals and so on. Just hop inside the cabin, and relax till the destination arrives

Easy Than Owning A Car

Anyways, if planning to buy a car, and worried about its ownerships woes like parking space, maintenance, EMIs and so on, then stop thinking that way. Just hunt down apps of carpooling or join the social media community that offers carpooling, you’ll not regret.

No Public Transport Woes

Finally, the car sharing avoids public transport woes that may be better understood if taken the state transport buses in India, or have boarded the train without a confirmed ticket. Carpooling seems to be rivaling those heavy weights of transport modes in the coming years.

Less Traffic Woes

Ultimately, when four passengers will be locked in a single car, then there would be lesser number of vehicles plying on highways, making the job easier for traffic police to man the crowd, and ease up the jams as soon as possible. First of all, low number of cars on the roads will ultimately bring down the traffic clutter.

A Safer Option

Most of you may not agreed with this pointer, but still it always safer for anyone else to travel in group rather than driving alone. For women, there are rides which allow only women. Now the ladies out there can have a better piece of mind the next time thinking of taking the carpool option.

New Car Every Time

Even the riches would envy. Stepping out of a new car everytime is what everyone dreams of. Experiencing a fresh car for every ride is not only a self defining experience, but it also lets to an insight what those cars are on inside when next time you see them on the roads, and may respond a better comments than the rest of peers.

Shared Economy

Sharing a car is like sharing the economy. For example, it saves a lot of manpower and even proves the maximum output for economy without investing a large chunk of labour or else other factors of production.

Buyers Review Of Datsun GO Plus MPV

Datsun GO Plus in India is a straight answer to many cars of different segments with regards to its price tag. Starting from Rs 3.79 lakh, it has challenged the others very stiffly. Certainly, Datsun got a game changer for many. Here is a firsthand report what the customers had reported they liked, and they don’t, about this “compact family wagon”, to mind that Datsun isn’t claiming it as MPV.

Free-Revving Engine

The engine was a major constraint for the Nissan’s sub-brand engineer to deliver finesse from it. They are reported to have brought minute changes in the engine making it worth carrying 7-passengers as against the hatchback GO. A 1.2-litre 3-cylinder unit of the Nissan Micra and Datsun GO sends a whopping 68bhp and 109Nm of torque.


The driving ergonomics and ease in handling such a big car is needed to be applauded for. Designers did their job very dutifully by cutting a huge chunk to a size that suits the roads of India. Even the drivetrain is assembled with precision, where a first time driver doesn’t need to adjust a lot.

Datsun GO Plus MPV

No Features

The cost cutting has been carried out extensively here. Even the seat belts have to be manually adjusted. More to it, the glove box don’t get a lid, and the dashboard is plane. Obviously, when all the basics are given a cut here, then how could the brand be positioning safety tricks inside the cabin?

Qualitative Interiors

Though, the automaker hadn’t believed on quantity, it hadn’t left out quality yet. Those components used inside the car are quite qualitative. Even the feel to switch gear and plastic are assertive. Plastic grains too don’t feel of a sub-standard. Headlights, wipers, and AC have been of the best standard for doing their task.

Third Row…A Spoof

The third row seating may have drawn number of buyers to the showroom, but reality is such an addition is comfortable only for children under 10 years. Full-grown adults will not be able to get over that bench.

New Datsun GO Plus MPV

Ample Of Boot Space

If don’t have kids to join you for a drive, then folded-down third row can make way for a huge boot. Those who will still find it small, the second row seats do fold down and gives a highly usable space for cargos.

Ride Quality

At the last, car sells due to its ride quality. And it is undoubted the GO+ offer simply good ride quality in the segment. Suspensions are finely tuned to soak up the bumps. Front end makes up the most of efforts for staying floated on the rough patches, but certainly it tends to lose at most. However, when looked down to the price tag, it apparently got one of the best ride qualities which money can buy.

Infotainment System

Simple infotainment system with AUX input is what can be explained how tremendously the cost has been shred. Cradle for hanging up smartphone isn’t suitable to hold the larger devices.

Buyers Review Of Datsun GO Plus MPV


The airbag variant of Datsun GO Plus has been launched, with a one on the driver’s side, but it sorely missed out, as company is able to bring it in the market only after the first half of 2015. Hence, the safety is one important aspect needed to be looked after here, because the compact wagon of Datsun will be majorly purchased by families.

Overall, the GO Plus is a good car to drive and the best that money can buy in the given price band. But the safety shall not be missed out, because the major buyers here will be the families.

Top Ten New Car Features 2015

The driveability of a car is one part, its design and aesthetic is another, whereas third collateral had now emerged powerful for selling them. As guessed, it’s the ‘features’ which nowadays are seeking importance in selling those four-wheeled productions. With a slight skew of changes or amendments (either addition or subtraction to fit the price tag) it helps to sells the whole of stockyard within days. The case exactly at the time of buying is, we do look for a better value which is majorly intercepted in terms of features rather than driveability, and hence make our decisions that offers maximum of them in the given band. However, there isn’t any denial some exceptional cars still persists that do on suits this bill, for example Honda City which costs a hefty but still sells due to the driving pleasure that it delivers. Right now, we have listed down the number of features that pose to be must-haves for the cars of this scenario in India. Here are 10 best of the most desirable or luxe that had also turned out to be of utility as well with the rising standard of expectations.

Daytime running lights

Whether it has to be a motorcycle, scooter or even an Alto, most automotive buyers wishes their possession shall be consisted of daytime running lights. Even though it doesn’t prove of great utility in driving the subject, but as to flash the substance and make a distinct identity of being a part of this advanced world is what it is nearly aimed for. DRLs are slightly becoming mandatory where automakers are rolling out their cars with it included in the standard package.

Adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel

Almost every comfort feature is designed for passengers, where with the rise of young generation some of them now are also gearing focus for the car’s pilot as well. Minimally, the adjustable seat and steering wheel shall be given to driver for the most needful character.

Top Ten New Car Features 2015

Keyless Entry and Push start button

These two features are worth moving out very quickly. Instead of using the keys again and again, it is better to make the technologies work for you and whisk in a whip. Push-start button reduces the hassle especially at the long traffic jam where the car’s engine is turned off, and those quenching traffic signals which stands at the junction that often requires a number engine turn-offs and ons.

Multifunction steering wheel

The multi-functionality buttons a steering wheels is not only to show off the car being laden with numerous tech and you as a driver is the master. At times it starts obsessing on the palms and fingers, but helps driver for retaining its concentration on the roads rather than diverting it on changing the music track or increasing-decreasing the volume.

Follow-me headlamps

Also known as coming home headlamps, this feature may sound a bit dud, but honestly it works when parked the car at highways or an unidentified parking spot, where the uncertainty levels are high, and a major risk is posed by its nearby components.

Dead pedal

Youngsters, who don’t tent to go off the gas and always stay in the rush, may not need this. But some uncle-types who preferred going by the way of cruising, and loves to work with automatic-types transmission without actually realizing the benefits of purely manual, will definitely jump with joy for such a dead pedal. However, the dead pedal is meant to rest the left foot when not engaging the clutch. Thanks to some advanced technologies which have immensely reduced the need of using left foot as it used to be earlier.

Driver and Safety aids

The safety is priority of everyone sitting in the car, where at first come the driver’s safety. Aids like ABS, ESP, hill hold, and so on comes first than those airbags for the rest. Surely, seatbelts shall be mandatory for all the occupants inside the cabin.

Climate Control

With the rising demand in comfort level, it is no longer a luxury. Instead one may easily the climate control and rear AC vents as a necessity for the Indian markets. The climatic condition demands for a rear AC vents in every car, and that climate control eases it to go number of miles without touching a button, being simply relaxed in own thoughts treated with the conducive blow of cool air from vents.

In-car entertainment system

The entertainment for cars had come a long way. Those days are gone when a good sounding music player would just do. Now, everyone demands their smartphones to be connected with the car’s music system, and it shall be capable to accept USBs, pen-drives, and other memory devices which stores songs. If that is not enough to say more about its developments, the CDs are even outdated! Trend of mixing the tweeters and amplifiers with some of the finest music system are on the verge, where touchscreen is almost the need of hour.

Parking Aids

The grueling and tight parking spots of urban jungle cannot compel cars to get smaller. In fact, there should be advanced parking technologies or devices employed in a car.  Parking sensors that beep when the car is about to knock down a wall, or a reverse parking camera, just fits the bill rightly. Even those antiglare mirrors and such sorts of equipments fall handy at these times, and helps parking the car. Now, the automatic parking features being rolled out in the production car, which almost is appearing as failed attempt, is having scope in future to do well if developed more strategically.

Facelift Car Launches For 2015: Hatchbacks, Sedans And SUVs

Plans for 2015 are clearly laid out by carmaker, working their best bets for milking most impacting results. A precise confirmation is already revealed by this website bifurcated as the upcoming hatchbacks, sedans, SUV and so on. Now, one more list is chalked out of that. This caters the facelift or the new version of existing models in India launching by 2015.

Tata Nano Twist Active

Tata’s intention with Nano is pretty much clear – to make that world’s cheapest car more usable in nature than anything else in the price band. The last launch with power steering was called as Nano Twist, now an Active tag is going to be attached further, which will result as addition of tailgate. And there are possibilities of AMT gearbox making its way here. So, the input of such a transmission to the drivetrain will definitely enhance the driving ergonomics, and would convert it into cheapest automatic car in the world.

Tata Nano Twist Active

Hyundai Verna Facelift

It’s the last year when Verna was given retuned suspension and a new kit. The latest model that got unveiled in Russia is bound to make its way here during early 2015. Comparatively larger headlamps, full LED tail lamps, long air dam and new fog lamps enclosure makes it more worth of the package. In driving lane, the petrol version will see a six-speed automatic against the four-speed. Hence, the one bound towards India will not be marginally different than those available in international market.

Hyundai Verna Facelift

Volkswagen Jetta Facelift

Almost a year Volkswagen launched mildly facelifted Jetta in India. Now, the company is in talks of bringing the latest version as well to the shores. Well, last time it was only the LED headlamps added to the sedan, but now it is sounded to get a through makeover. Slimmer LED taillights placed higher, and wider air dam for better aerodynamics are for the external appeal. Inside the cabin, there comes the company’s new corporate steering wheel, clearer and bigger dials in the instrument cluster, and high-resolution trip computer. In the engine bay, diesel will be carried over from the current-gen but would be increased by 10bhp in power output.

Volkswagen Jetta Facelift

Honda CR-V Facelift & Diesel

It’s been evidential for cars priced above than Rs 14 lakh hadn’t performed so well than those slotted under it during 2014. But, since Toyota is doing well in the segment with its Fortuner, then there lays a fair chance for Honda to take that challenge. Factually saying it, CR-V is sold in India only with a petrol engine, where the dominating diesel drivetrains had taken over everything else. The success of Amaze and City with diesel engine had conveyed it to bring that option here with a 1.6-litre i-DTEC unit churning out 118bhp and 300m of torque. The facelift will receive changes with the front grille, bumpers, lights and even some addition in the equipment list. There will be only front-wheel drive version coming to India, whereas the fuel-efficiency is astounded to be class-leading here with prices expected to be slotted between Rs 24 and Rs 27 lakh.

Honda CR-V Facelift & Diesel