Used Tata Indigo CS Diesel Review

Despite the fate of being first in the segment with Indigo CS in 2008 (priced at Rs 3.79 lakh), Tata Motors lost its sovereignty with the passing time due to various issues popping up every now and then. At its launch (in 2008), Indigo CS was the car that kick started the hatchback converted sub-4 meter segment giving blow to the hatchbacks for being overpriced.

After several days of launch, competitors started fleeing in the segment and Tata lost the game very easily with its adulated quality standards and some major technical issues. However, the change was necessary, and at that time Tata barged in with Indigo eCS by 2010 loaded with a more efficient engine and adaptability to new emission norms. Both the cars CS and eCS were planted with 1.4-liter diesel and 1.2-liter petrol. Diesel cars sold very well and many of them are still available in abundance in used car market. Thoughtfully, the recently launched Tata Zest under 4-meter is promoted to bring in marvelous numbers at the company’s sales report, which ultimately would also help in releasing numbers of Indigo to the pre-owned market with a gush. In short, now many can afford to get their hands on the used Indigo CS and eCS which turned out to be available for a breezy price-tag. Here, we did a detailed study what to look into when buying these examples. Read on to find more about them…

Used Tata Indigo CS Diesel Review

Before initiating to write the actual account, let’s brief that Tata cars earlier were known for poor quality and were also commonly used in the tourist transportation, so looking into the paper-works before  a test-drive would lend a brief idea of the condition happen to be underneath the hoods.

Coming to the interiors first, it is quite airy and rear bench is made sufficient to house three adults over a long drive comfortably. In fact the new model has better list of equipments, but still they lack to compete fiercely in the present-days competition. Quality was also an issue on Indigo, so looking out to buy it for a family one shall inspect interiors minutely rather than having backlashes from wife and children on the drive.

Used Tata Indigo CS Diesel Interiors

On the drivability, Indigo fares ok-ok, not so good and not so bad either. The independent rear suspension rumbles the whole body over potholes at low speeds, but becomes planted when ravaged hard at high speeds. We drove the 1.4-liter diesel powered car, the power were generous at low revs and the car felt humming to our tunes in stop=go traffic. As soon as the pedal was dabbed to the floor, drop in power was experienced. Thanks to the tuning of gearbox for such results. On an overall basis, and due to the suspension, feel of gushing and exiting the corners was full of confidence, but the steering wasn’t enough of that hasty feel. Indigo felt allover like a hatchback when driven and when parked. The city drive returned us the fuel-efficiency of 14-15 kmpl, while the highway turned out to be impressive on our fuel gauge, spanned a liter of fuel over 18-19 kms.

The problems that most commonly come to the bay are many. Starting with the turbochargers, they are known for occasionally failing to perform. This can be notice with sudden drop of power when driving, and also emission of black smoke from the exhaust. Replacing it costs approximately Rs 20k. The next is ECU malfunctioning. To check is to see if the engine light stays on even after pushing the engine to life, or if the engine produces knocking sound when driven. Replacing it will not be easy too, as one had to shell out Rs 15k. The other wear and tear: firstly the suspension takes on the toll with leaking dampers and loud sound when moving over the pothole-rigged roads. To fix it, the strut replacement calls for a check of Rs 10k and bush kit for Rs 6k. To the worst even, earlier models of Indigo was reported of uneven tyre wear which the company claimed to have sorted out in the later models. The other nipping and tucking bad experiences costs Rs 307 for an air filter and Rs 201 for oil filter. Other cosmetic accidental fixtures aren’t easy on pocket either. The front bumper gets a setback of Rs 2,889 while each unit of the headlamp meant to cover-up costs Rs 4,588. On the flipside, each of the tail lamp fixtures is priced at Rs 1,125 whereas the rear view mirror is tagged at Rs 826.

Used Tata Indigo CS Diesel


A used Indigo is not the long runner. Hence, it can be bought only for an entry-pass to experience the diesel sedans’ arena, with regards to running cost, magnificent fuel efficiency and less maintenance part. Prefer a car with service history and in well-maintained condition. Avoid stepping on the bad examples just for having lured with the pocket-friendly price tags.

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