Used 2009 Maruti Swift Diesel is a professional’s choice: Used car review

It is no doubt that Maruti Swift had broken various record of car industry in India. With the numbers of units sold in our nation, Suzuki is delighted with the customers, and that too very extensively. The reason is, we Indian conclude 40% of global Swifts sales on our land. Hence, that’s why the carmaker is in no hurry of bringing its replacement anytime soon. It means the same Swift is going to follow the trend for some more years, but to be updated; Swift’s global refreshments will not be excluded from Indian list at any cost from the end of carmaker. And after learning all these factors, buying a Swift in India is not a cost-effective affair by any means. New Swift ‘diesel’ costs more than Rs. 6 lakh in Mumbai when one goes there to buy it new from the showroom. However, enjoying the cool status of a favorite amongst the young professionals, it became a must have for my friend too who was working in the management of a one small time MNC. His pay-package wasn’t quite tempting enough to buy the cool brand new Swift from the showroom, so he then decided to move towards the used car market to fulfill his hunger of going office in a chunky Swift. Most probably we prefer going to a genuine and well-known used car dealer in the city to get a one, but this time my friend itself was having some of the contacts which he managed to grab from the popular used stuff selling websites. It was my first chance of trying this escape, but as we are concerned, as it was my friend’s wish too, I then gave to his demands and drove to one of the contact which was located near to our residence.

Before making the streams heated, we wanted to make clear that the Swift has more than expected resell value in the market. With the rising price of petrol, the diesel Swift-owners demands prices like anything. So the deep market study before approaching them tempts for you to fall upon it as a must.

Used 2009 Maruti Swift Diesel

Back to topic, the car owner which we had decided to approach first was a well-known man of his locality. He was having a number of cars in his garage, but the reason he bought “diesel” Swift of 2009 make was to make trips to the shopping center and grocery store. In addition, his newly grown son also use to drive it to college when he feels taking the long-runs during the month-end, while feeling the pinch of exhausting pocket-money of the bank accounts. However, that wasn’t our concern, so we asked the owner to show us the car that was standing safe in his garage. Finally, the car was in its blistering condition. Paint job was shining as if it is brand new. Graphics on its side and other some of sort of cool stuffs were pleading sweetly. Despite being a big-shot of his area, we asked him about the posting of an ad on the free of charge used stuff selling website. For that he replied, it was his son who had taken this action, which in returns is looking for the brand new sedan/SUV to conclude the further course of action in driving. We find the owner quite friendly, so we asked for the test-drive. To our belief, the car was also good and was functioning very smoothly on the run. There were some cooling problems of AC recurring inside the cabin, but was okay to barge in some of bucks from the said price point. The owner of this diesel-Swift was asking for something near to half a million INR, but this problem of the AC gave us hope of making a bargaining point with him. And to our note, some the notch in interiors was replaced by the ‘new ones’, while rest of them been kept as per the factory-fitted condition. It tends to be not so sniffing, when found this sort of replacement in the cabin but there was a different explanation to it when we came to the end of session.

As we said, it was our first contact, and he was also residing quite to our residence, we thought of giving other a contacts a chance too. But that friend of mine got quite attached with this car due to the best-of-time paint job and the not so niggling other factors. After a final discussion at home, we then again fixed an appointment with that same Swift owner, and this time in the story there was a twist. We were escorting a common friend with us who is a working in the service centers of Nissan, but he had previous work experience of Maruti too. So the Swift wasn’t a rare sight for him underneath the beautiful looking cosmetic skin. Speaking truly, escorting him to the place benefited us a lot.

With a fraction of some moments he made us realize that something is wrong with the car. Inspecting it from the far, the Swift wasn’t looking in that exact factory drawn shape. Instead, it was slightly tapered from one of the side, which most probably happens after facing an “accident”. This was shocking to us about the car. When said this to the owner about it, he accepted it as well and explained, his son had dashed it against a truck on a highway. Luckily, no one was injured, except the car, where a lot of bucks had been spared to revamp it to the original-perfect form. Hence, those ‘glitches’ on interiors which we had mentioned were of the same conclusion. Finally, when the time comes of closing the deal, my friend backed out for it due to the sort of accident happened with it.

In last, the disappointment was staring to us in some or the other context, but buying that accident car even after paying something near to half a million INR wasn’t making the sense. Though, we got safe from that car luring us around for some or the other lacking after the purchase, but there would be someone else who may fall prey to sooner or later, because the Swift is of luring kind only, and this good one was the most dangerous of all.

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