Used Maruti Swift vs New Datsun GO

Maruti Swift, the market leader of its segment that isn’t dethroned anytime despite heavy lash from number of rivals. Even the used car market has renounced its strong consistency throughout, which means the name is enough to cast a spell. Here, in this comparison, the used Swift and new Datsun GO are clashed against each other. Hence, the used model of 2012 make will be priced enough to take on the competition. However, as the 2015 Swift is about to enter the market, means there will be numerous examples to be available soon.

The Datsun GO rested with many expectations on the lap of Nissan. Re-launched the Datsun brand, company had aspired to enter the mass market without harnessing its existing image. GO hatchback is the only product in India and is offered in four trim levels. The top-end costs Rs 4,42,217 on-road Mumbai. The first hand review was impeccable; the long-term test could apparently do well. Sold enough to be seen on the roads, a detuned fully-fledged hatchback for the price of compact car isn’t disappointing either.


Engine dwelled under the bonnet of Swift is a 1.2-liter K-Series engine that clocks 86bhp and 114NM of torque. On the flipside, Datsun GO ounces the 1.2L Micra oriented motor in the detuned mode of 67bhp and 104NM.

As specifically, the used hatchback is more powerful and is reported to have a higher service cost, while the first Datsun to India falls economically on the pocket. Nissan is new to this low-cost fraternity so no long termers available for looking into the fray, while tried and tested throughout the time Swift fares better than the rest, other than GO, on the savings.

Used Maruti Swift vs New Datsun GO


Inside the cabin, Datsun GO hatchback is bare-basic with only the needful gimmicks planted from utilitarian perspective. The Swift on other side, the example that is couple of years old clocked near to 15-20k on the odo, doesn’t pose bad option for the bargain either. Major difference on both the cars is front seat, which is comprised of a bench from the classic cars in GO, and the gearshift too shifted on the panel instead of floor.

Swift is premium and comes loaded with all the needful tranquilities. Cabin is well insulated and the feel to it is captivated by beefy touches.

In fact, GO comparatively has airy and a lively feel, which the Swift as colored black inside and has raising waistline reduces the size of windows lends claustrophobic vibes to rear. The GO’s USB charging port and aux-in compatibility not make you feel left out of crowd that isn’t having the radio in any of its packages.

Used Maruti Swift vs New Datsun GO Interior

Drive Experience

Both the cars are not from the same cadre at least on paper, and obviously the Swift fares better for certain causes.

To a given cost in the new car market, as per to us Datsun Go is the best option. Gotten with complete hatchback flavor for the price of compact, it remains unbeatable. The top-speed and power delivery aren’t up for compromise here.

GO, like its name, can be stretched to the maximum. Despite the company claimed slightly lower numbers on spec-sheet, in rear world – unlike others – the Datsun fares better than what is mentioned of. Engine sound creeps in at after several RPMs making disturbances. To complement the better, power steering, central lock, power windows for front and many more are given.


The new car has its own admiration and the new Datsun GO couldn’t be replaced by a ‘used’ Swift. Though, they both come for almost the same price tag, at times the renounced used car dealer will also provide warranty for Maruti’s hatchback. GO will not make you face glitches over the next couple of years at least due its newness resulting peace of mind till then.

Used Maruti Swift vs New Datsun GO Back View

The Swift on other side is a buy from the heart option. Prominent attire and a very familiar front fascia that remarks everything else just in right proportion with regards to azure suits everyone in the family.

Hence, a one (Datsun GO) shall be bought if the brain is ultimate decision maker, while the used Swift suits best when heart keeps beating for it always. Both of them had their different persona and are catered wisely for the price paid. None of them are bad option either.

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