Maruti Offering Swift Diesel with No Waiting Period and Discount on Diesel Ritz

Maruti Suzuki has come up with a new scheme in which it intends to deliver new Maruti Suzuki Swift to its customers minus the waiting period. For those who are eager to buy a Swift diesel, this is the opportune time to grab. The scheme effective from March 17 will come on a first come first get service with no discounts.

Maruti is also offering a discount on its Ritz flagship hatchback. The discount on Ritz diesel version is Rs 45,000 and Ritz petrol is Rs 25,000. Due to the market slowdown, the auto giant has announced for a 2-day halt at the Gurgaon plant, so it can focus on the fulfillment of the current demand. The current offers clear that the vehicle’s demand has affected both the diesel as well as petrol sales.

But such slowdowns are part of the work. So those who want to buy a Swift or Ritz this is the time, so go on and grab it and avail the benefit.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Diesel
As per reports, “The top notch car maker Maruti Suzuki India Limited too is fighting with the existing situation. While the decline in sale figures has not been as severe as others, the car manufacturer has taken actions to make recovery from the slump. Previously, the company has decided to stop fabrication of petrol powered cars and now, as per a report, is providing a cash reduction on the well known car, Ritz, and an immediate delivery on the most popular vehicle, Swift diesel.”

“The offer on the Swift diesel is applicable only till March 17 this year and since it’s on a first cum first serve basis, the quantity of vehicles obtainable at Maruti showrooms is restricted,” the report added up.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the opportunity.

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Top selling diesel hatchbacks in India

Diesel, diesel is the keyword everywhere. It seems that the effect of rising fuel costs have persuaded even the Average Joe to jump towards the direction of diesel power plants. Forget it that he enjoys driving petrol cars or is a petrol buff. Forget the fact that other than going to church on Sundays, he would rarely take the car out for a brunch. All the time, it would be idling its time away in the building compound under some sheet or on the road caked with shit. Whatever it has to be, he needs a diesel car and a hatchback at that one. Remember, he lives in a congested area and looking back everytime he drives isn’t his cup of coffee. So a diesel hatchback is what he wants to buy and probably one which wouldn’t need a waiting period and also with decent equipment on list. With a budget of Rs 5.5 lakhs stretchable to Rs 6 lakhs, we have set out to help him find a car. Well, a diesel hatchback to be precise.

Think cheap and all locally made cars come into mind. Here, the Tata Indica eV2 is the cheapest diesel power plant on offer. However, Average Joe doesn’t want to be labeled as a taxi driver and hence he would prefer to ignore this option, irrespective of the price to space proposition. So, this plan is dropped. Next comes the 2011 Tata Vista. This car has got new looks in its kitty plus decent equipment list. Not to mention the huge space inside the cabin. The car’s diesel engine is a proven one and so is the Fiat donated gearbox. Joe is impressed by the space quotient but the general fit and finish don’t find favor with him. Remember he has a tall order with him and a comparatively shoe string budget to contend with. The starting price of the Vista diesel is Rs 4.2 lakhs. Yes, he will keep it as an open option.

2011 Tata Vista

Chevrolet Beat diesel would also feature in his list; however, he isn’t too keen on having this car since its low on the space quotient. Did we forget to mention that Average Joe is 6 feet 4 inches tall and would sometimes be seated in the back seat? He is amused by the fuel efficiency of the Beat diesel plus it’s got lot of features and futuristic looks to contend with. Nope, he still isn’t too much inclined towards the Rs 4.3 lakhs price tag either. So the Beat gets a beating from Average Joe’s hands.

Chevrolet Beat diesel

Maruti Swift diesel. Nah! He is interested in this car since a long time, however, he isn’t ready to put down his money and wait for a year long to get his hands on his car. He is also not much impressed by the brakes of the car. This he feels is a bit panicky thing. Talks of Maruti workers sabotaging the diesel cars leaving the factory are also doing rounds and Joe is scared to take any chances. The Swift diesel also doesn’t boast of a good price point that he can consider. Hence the Swift diesel is thrown out of the window as well. He did comment that he liked the driving spirit of the car and the fact that the turbo spool up is now a lot linear.

Maruti Swift diesel

Hyundai i20 was the next contender and he found this to be a very practical car to be. It has got lots of features plus nice materials with good interior space. Moreover, the ride and handling package was a neutral thing for him especially since he had a Santro with him for a fairly long time. However, the price of this thing was out of his budget and even though his mind was set on this thing, he couldn’t dare break his bank balance. The looks of this car also went down well with him.

Hyundai i20

Average Joe, when at the Maruti show room, also took at the Maruti Ritz. Though the rear part of this hatch didn’t quite impress him, his wife took a liking to the interiors of the car. Moreover, the features list was impressive, however, after having taken a dekho at the i20, everything paled in comparison. But the practical nature of the Ritz appealed to her. Its frugality as expressed by other owners of Ritz in the show room also made Average Joe to pay heed to his better half’s pleas. However, the 2 months waiting period seemed to get the better of him and he started looking elsewhere.

Maruti Ritz

Ford was one company that he didn’t want to actually be a customer of but then the rave reviews that the diesel Figo was generating was something which even Average Joe couldn’t resist. Its practical nature plus inoffensive looks made sure that he was totally inclined towards it. Moreover, it was totally in its budget. While he was thinking of the lower end, even the top end version was something which fit into his budget very easily. He almost gave the booking amount of the car but then restrained himself as he wanted to have a look at some other diesel models available in his price range.

Ford Figo

Toyota Liva diesel, the newly launched version got him going with the prospect of owning the “T” brand. The interiors seemed just about okay with the quality of materials used. The diesel power plant’s fuss-free nature also ensured that traversing in city was totally a relaxing thing. Brakes were also fantastic and he didn’t have to take a look at the safety features since he was assured of the Toyota quality. Like the Figo, he was ready to put down his money on this one but then the human tendency of wanting more made him look elsewhere.

Toyota Liva diesel

We did refer him to Nissan and what with their Micra diesel ruling the roost in the southern parts of the country. His wife immediately took a liking for the cute design and infact test drove it herself. The circular theme inside the cabin also was to the couple’s liking. However, the lack of ABS even on the top end version was something which the couple couldn’t digest. Nissan’s service centers were as sparse as finding a water hole in a desert. The fuel efficiency is also very good as compared to some of its competition. The asking price seemed a bit too much as well when compared with the competition. But the Finance Minister’s words were something which he couldn’t ignore and hence had the Micra in mind as well.

Nissan Micra diesel

Fiat Punto. This name was suggested by our team to Average Joe. However, based on our coaxing, wifey and him went to a Fiat show room. The design caught their flair. The interiors features made them go wow but then the lack of leg room at the rear was a real dampener. Plus the power delivered from the same 1.3 liter diesel mill wasn’t too impressive for them. The 90 Hp model got a smile on their face though. But horror stories of Fiat aftersales made them move away without even considering the fact that the Punto is available only 15 days after it is ordered.

Fiat Punto

Skoda Fabia hatchback made them go wow with its looks and interiors. This one was definitely roomy plus a German at that. The drive experience was little underwhelming what with the power plant failing to impress them much. But its efficiency as displayed in the MID was real good. Add to it the positive gearshift pattern and the couple were real excited about owning this premium German brand car. But as was the case with the Punto, Skoda aftersales made them look elsewhere.

Skoda Fabia hatchback

Volkswagen Polo, the Skoda Fabia’s cousin was also in contention but interior space at the rear and the same service center issues as Skoda made them put up a crinkled nose towards the direction of this car. Also, the general attitude that the VW show room had about it was also not very convincing.

Volkswagen Polo

So, which one was it finally for Average Joe? Hold your breath, it was the Liva diesel that won their joint vote. The much practical Figo and Ritz were the best contenders for them but the T badge finally won over the other two. It a month’s wait but Average Joe is non plussed about it.

Best driver’s car in each and every segment – Part 3

Some of the best driver’s cars can be found in this segment and though it can be called as costly, there are many who would readily put their money on this cars and go and buy them out on a limb. Welcome to the Rs 5-6 lakhs bracket. There are as many as 30 cars in here for a comparison and this should actually display the amount of thinking that a buyer in this segment would have to do. Moreover, with the input that he or she would be receiving from friends and family, the confusion is only going to add even more. There are some hatches in this segment also (to be expected considering the number of premium hatches coming our way). As far as the hatches are concerned, there is the Skoda Fabia and also the Nissan Micra along with the Polo. A surprising inclusion is the Hyundai i10 Kappa2 engine. Due to the engine upgrade, the price bump has taken it into this league.

The best driving dynamics would undoubtedly go to the Maruti Swift diesel while the Micra diesel would also be another strong contender. The Swift has got a better engine which is more like a point and shoot tool. The Micra’s engine takes things sedately. As far as handling goes, it would be the Skoda Fabia with its tight body construction, predictable road manners and an able chassis which overall comes out to be the winner. The new engine upgrade from the i10 has resulted in it getting a boost in power and a surefootedness in its attitude. A respectable top speed only makes matters all the more good and in favor of the Hyundai. However, we would be wrong not to include the booted cousin of the Swift, the Dzire here. Both the petrol and diesel Dzire cars rate high in our books for their driving dynamics and sometimes tail out action. The torque management system in the Micra is a gem and it enables the diesel Micra to give a very good fuel efficiency and also the engine is the most environmental friendly one around.

The newly launched Toyota Liva and Etios do have good engines if not for their NVH but for the torque figures. These go a long way as far as their acceleration goes. However, the feeling less steering wheel seems to have being a gremlin at high speeds. Though adequate for the city drives, there is not much of feel on the highway and the tyres seem to have been made entirely with the purpose of fuel efficiency in mind. The Polo is let down by its steering wheel response and also an anemic engine in the form of the 1.2 liter one. The Fabia is a bit let down by its engine, otherwise, built on the same platform as the Polo, it does have good body control and a build quality which none of the other cars here including the Polo seem to exhibit. The Etios has a good braking characteristic but the directional stability as also steering response seem far better in the Fabia. The i10 loses out on the driveability count and we wish that Hyundai would have given it shorter gearing for the initial ones since the car is otherwise geared pretty tall. Moreover, the dash mounted gear lever is a darling as far as the shift quality goes.

The others like the Tata Manza, Tata Indigo e-CS and also the Punto were also considered. While the Punto chassis is a good one, there is nothing in the engine department which would make one go wow. The Punto could also do a lot better with the ergonomics part wherein the steering wheel comes entirely close to the driver’s chest. The steering wheel is a direct unit though and has got lots of feel to it. The Manza as also the e-CS have got steering wheels which are direct but lack communicative powers when needed the most. Moreover, body roll is very prominent in the Manza. As for the Hyundai Accent, which is also available in this price range, the only dampener is the steering wheel and also the body roll which accompanies the car while taking tight turns.

In all, we would rate the Skoda Fabia as the best handling car in this comparison followed by the Etios sharing the best driver’s car tag with the Nissan Micra diesel. As far as performance is concerned, there is no touching the Swift series including the Dzire sedan. All the others cars are ranked below these cars.