Nissan Evalia drove Fourth-Time World Champion, Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team at Indian Grand Prix

Just launched with the facelift avatar, the new Nissan Evalia was the official light commercial vehicle partner to the fourth-time world champion Formula One Team – Infiniti Red Bull Racing at the Indian Grand Prix 2013. Outfitted with Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team logos, the Nissan Evalia played a vital role in supporting the team by transporting equipment and staff at the annual event.

Infiniti Red Bull Racing, which is based in UK, had concluded an official global supplier contract for light commercial vehicles with Nissan in 2012. Under this contract, Nissan’s Light Commercial Vehicle Business Unit supplies the team with a fleet of more than 70 vehicles including the NV200 and NV400 at the team’s headquarters (Milton Keynes, U.K.), and at Formula One venues around the world.

The vehicles that are supplied provide support for all transportation needs, including the movement of staff, guests, and equipment for the team. For the Indian Grand Prix this year, the highly versatile, multi-purpose NV200 or the Evalia as it is known in India has been selected once again for the second consecutive year to support the race team.

Nissan Evalia Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Since September 2012, Nissan Evalia has been a valuable addition to the urban class utility vehicle segment in India. This month, the company introduced the new 2013 model to the Indian auto market with add-on features that are incorporated based on customer input. The add-on features are captain seats in the middle row, sliding windows on rear doors, 15-inch alloy wheels, 2-DIN audio system with USB connectivity, rear wiper, defogger, anti-glare internal rearview mirror, front row assist grip and glove-box lid. These features combine to provide customers with a new dimension to multi-purpose usage developed and built exclusively for the Indian market and now for the race team too.

Mr. Kenichiro Yomura, MD & CEO of Nissan Motor India commented: “It gives us great pleasure to have been the Official Supplier of Light Commercial Vehicles to the Infiniti Red Bull Racing F1 team having provided our class leading range of light commercial vehicles. The Evalia was the chosen vehicle for the second consecutive year for this year’s Indian Grand Prix. With add-on features in the new Evalia, we anticipate that it will continue to derive and highlight its characteristic of an urban class utility vehicle quite vividly to the team and our Indian customers too.”

“Christian Horner, Team Principal, of Infiniti Red Bull Racing, commented: “It’s the second year of our partnership with Nissan Motor Co. and we can only say that their support during the challenging times we face during the Formula One season is irreplaceable and a big contribution in executing the team’s plans with utmost efficiency. The Evalia has been our backbone for the majority of the logistics operations and we are sure that the new Evalia will only help us enhance our experience during our short but yet memorable tenure in India.”

Mr. Nitish Tipnis, Director – Sales & Marketing, Hover Automotive India (NSC for Nissan) commented: “We are pleased to have been associated once again with the Formula One World Champions, Infiniti Red Bull Racing, for the India Grand Prix. The new Nissan Evalia provided excellent support to the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team. Constant innovation and product enhancement has been an integral part of our strategy at Nissan and the new Evalia reflects that seamlessly. The newly added features, based on customer feedback made the new Nissan Evalia a lot more comfortable for the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team.”

The all new Nissan Evalia is powered by the globally-proven 1.5 dci inline-4 turbocharged diesel from Renault Nissan’s engine family, which churns out 85PS of power at 3750rpm and a maximum torque of 200Nm at 2000rpm. With a smooth-shifting five speed manual transmission, the Evalia delivers a fuel efficiency of 19.3kmpl of diesel (ARAI certified).

The new Evalia’s layout gives maximum cargo space with enhanced drive stability. The dramatic front end design with a three-dimensional, imposing angled strut grille and the character line on the body side add to the dynamic view of the vehicle.

Nissan to launch Evalia LPG taxi on 30th August

Nissan will be launching an LPG powered taxi version of its NV200 Vantette in its home country. Nissan NV200 has been launched in India under the name of Evalia. This taxi has been designed for local commercial use and will be launched on the 30th of August.

The taxi can run on both LPG and petrol. The driving mode can be changed by the driver as per his desire via a switch fitted inside the car cabin. The NV200 LPG will have a fuel capacity of 45 liters and LPG capacity of 38.6 liters. As if now we have no info regarding the performance characteristics of this vehicle. One thing can be said for sure that NV200 LPG will release lesser amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and so it should taxed accordingly.

Nissan NV200 has been a huge hit in the domestic as well its international market. The car is considered to be the best selling “van” in the world. The car’s biggest USP is its spacious interior. There is comfortable leg room for the passengers in all the 3 rows. The luggage carrying capacity of the car is quite huge even without moving the third seat row. The car offers a great mileage and comfortable journey. As a result it soon gained popularity among the foreign nations and is nominated to be the future face of the London Taxi and European Cabs. The only drawbacks were its boxy appearance and butterfly windows on the sliding door. The 2nd row did not have AC vents which could be a problem in hot climate. But this will soon be taken care of by the facelifted Evalia.

Nissan Evalia LPG taxi
Now this actual LPG powered Taxi version of NV200 will go on sale in the domestic market on the 30th of August. The vehicle will cost a total of 3.3 million Japanese Yen which is equivalent to Rs 19.91 lacs.

Now the question arises that since India already has Evalia on sale will it also get the taxi variant of Evalia? The answer can be a yes. Ashok Leyland, which is in an alliance with Nissan has recently unveiled its MPV Stile. The car is expected to go on sale in the coming festive season to get a great start for its 1st ever passenger vehicle. The company also displayed a CNG variant of the car at the 2012 Auto Expo. The Stile is equipped with a 1.5 liter diesel engine and it might soon see a CNG powered variant. Therefore, it is most likely that to keep Evalia in the race, Nissan might launch the bi- fueled NV200 or Evalia taxi in India as well.

Ashok Leyland Stile
NV200 although is a huge success in the overseas markets, Nissan has not been able to see that thrill in India. Evalia sales are consistently low. Nissan is trying all it can to create a demand for Evalia. It has trimmed down the car prices for now by Rs 1.5 lacs which is said to be a strategic move to make place for the facelifted Evalia which is soon going to arrive. If the new Evalia gets a good response then it is most likely that the new LPG and petrol powered taxi version will also be launched here.

Nissan Evalia offered at a special price of just Rs 7.99 lacs

Looks like Nissan is left with no other option now. Its world class seller has failed to cast a spell on the Indian economy. Since its launch, Nissan is trying to increase the sales of its MPV Evalia but all the efforts have gone in vain. If we see the records for the past 6 months, Nissan has sold only 921 Evalia units in India. This is way below what the company had expected. Looking at the leading cars in the MPV segment, Maruti Ertiga is doing a splendid business by selling on an average 5000 units monthly. Chevrolet Enjoy is also doing good with a sale of 2,500 units monthly. Even Toyota Innova has sold over 5000 units in the first half of 2013. Looking at these figures, we can say that Nissan Evalia has not succeeded in creating a mark for itself in the Indian market.

Nissan Evalia was launched last year, in India, in the month of September. In the international markets, Nissan Evalia goes by the name of NV200. It is probably the best selling van in the global market. The car is very spacious with ample space for all the 7 passengers. There is sufficient leg room in between the rows. The boot space is also large in spite of the 3rd row being in place. The car has a great fuel economy of 16 km per liter. It is due to this, that Nissan Evalia is nominated to replace the New York cab and London Black taxi.

However there are some serious flaws in Nissan Evalia which are affecting its sales in India. The most prominent drawback is the Evalia’s boxy look. It can be said simply that Evalia is “too van like’. As a result, it is not gaining an acceptance as a family car. The second thing that bothers is the butterfly windows which are present on the 2nd row’s sliding doors. Third element of discomfort is the absence of AC vents in the 2nd row. This is a problem particularly in India’s hot weather.

Nissan Evalia offered at a special price of just Rs 7.99 lacs

This in addition to the presence of MPVs like Maruti Ertiga, Chevrolet Enjoy and Toyota Innova, has caused the Evalia to suffer badly in sales. The sales were so poor that the company had to temporarily halt the production of Evalia in the last month to control the inventory.

To promote the sales, Nissan has now lowered the price of Evalia to Rs 7.99 lacs. This is less than the standard market price of Evalia by a total of Rs 1.15 lacs. Such a heavy discount can be seen as a desperate attempt by the company to get some good sale figures.

In addition to this, it is also expected that Nissan Evalia will be getting a facelift soon. With this facelift, Nissan will take care of most of the flaws with its Evalia. The butterfly windows will now be replaced by sliding windows. The bench like seats will be replaced by captain seats. The 2nd row will also get AC vents now. The exterior might see some changes too. The engine specs will remain the same. It will be powered by the same turbo charged 1.5 liter diesel engine offering a 5 speed manual transmission.

The facelifted new model will make its way into the market in the festive season of Diwali. This lowering of the price can be a strategy to sell off the remaining models and make room for the facelifted Evalia. With the facelift it is expected that the Evalia will gain popularity as a passenger car.

We hope Nissan do away with the sliding doors to make the car look like passenger vehicle rather than a cargo van.

Renault may bring Lodgy multi-purpose vehicle to Indian market

Renault India is enjoying the triumph of the Duster sport utility vehicle (SUV) that has managed to pocket no less than 18,000 reservations in few months of its introduction, prompting the French auto manufacturer into turning a highly perceptible brand in the nation.

The Duster sport utility vehicle (SUV), which is based on the low-priced Logan stage, has a lot of sibs including Logan sedan and the Lodgymulti-purpose vehicle (MPV). Whereas the Logan has been selling in the Indian market for over half a decade at this moment, with the vehicle now being marketed by Mahindra as the rebadge d Verito, Renault could take the Renault-Dacia Lodgy MPV multi-purpose vehicle to the Indian market.

The Lodgymulti-purpose vehicle hit European zones earlier this year. Based on the Logan platform, the vehicle is likely to oppose the likes of the Maruti Ertiga and the Toyota Innova.

Renault may bring Lodgy multi-purpose vehicle to Indian market

Given its low priced support, the Lodgy can be projected to insert between the Ertiga and the Innova in terms of cost placement. The Lodgy is obtainable in both versions comprising petrol and diesel in Europe. A 4 cylinder petrol motor, 1.6 Liter, in addition to the 1.5 Liter K9K turbo diesel engine are the two engines, which are presently presented on the highly anticipated multi-purpose vehicle (MPV).

The monocoque shaped Renault-Dacia Lodgy MPV is obtainable in both five as well as seven-seater guise. Whilst power steering is standard crosswise versions, the top end editions of multi-purpose vehicle boast a lot of security and expediency traits. Double airbags, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene and reverse parking detectors are a few of the characteristics, which the top end versions of the vehicle accompany.

In the European market, the base petrol option of the Lodgy multi-purpose vehicle boasts a sub-10,000 Euro value label that turns it a very cost efficient people mover choice.

2012 Renault-Dacia Lodgy MPV

Renault may bring Lodgy multi-purpose vehicle to Indian market

But, it will be a couple of years before the Renault-Dacia Lodgy MPV is introduced in the Indian market as 2014 is the projected year in which this multi-purpose vehicle is likely to be rolled out. The Indian multi-purpose vehicle market has witnessed a plethora of launches during the last one year, in the form of the Maruti Ertiga, the facelifted Xylo and Innova, and the Nissan Evalia. By the coming time, two more multi-purpose vehicles will enter the market, in the form of the Chevrolet Enjoy and the Ashok Leyland Stile.

Nissan launches Evalia in Mumbai with Rs. 8.49 lakh price tag

Yesterday it was Delhi and today it was Mumbai. Japanese auto major Nissan has announced the launch of the Evalia MPV in four trim levels starting at Rs. 8.49 lakh.

The Nissan Evalia MPV draws power from a 1.5-litre dCi diesel motor that churning out a maximum power of 84bhp and a peak torque of 20.4kgm.

The base XE variant features power steering with tilt-adjust, aux connectivity, a single-DIN music system with two speakers, a multi-information display, and electric wing mirrors.

Nissan launches Evalia in Mumbai with Rs. 8.49 lakh price tag

The next trim-level called Evalia XE+ come with a price tag of Rs 8.92 lakh. It comes with driver and passenger airbags along with all the features of the base XE model.

The third variant called Evalia XL costs Rs.9.49 lakh. Apart from the features of the XE+, the XL also comes equipped with remote-controlled central locking system, power windows, air-con vents for second-row passengers, and a two-DIN music system.

Nissan launches Evalia in Mumbai with Rs. 8.49 lakh price tag

The top-end XV model retails at Rs. 9.99 lakh, and gets fog lamps, an intelligent key, reverse camera, in addition to the features of the lower variants.

In addition to the above mentioned features, all the variants of the Nissan Evalia come equipped with ABS and EBD technologies as standard.

Nissan launches Evalia in Mumbai with Rs. 8.49 lakh price tag

Nissan Evalia to launch on 25th September

There have been a lot of stories surrounding the Nissan motor’s much awaited MPV, the Evalia. According to trusted sources from the Nissan motors, it is confirmed that the much awaited Evalia will be launched on 25th September this year.

The Nissan Evalia is the result of the work done in the joint venture with the Ashok Leyland. The vehicle will house a 1.5 liter dCi mill that is currently powering Nissan’s Sunny, Pulse, Micra and other Renault Nissan vehicles. The engine can deliver a max power of 85 bhp which makes it as fuel efficient and powerful as Maruti Ertiga, which currently outscores the other MPVs in this range due to its spaciousness.

Nissan Evalia to launch on 25th September

Earlier the vehicle was codenamed as NV200, and was showcased at the Delhi motor show this year. The vehicle was seen as the possible threat to the available MUVs and MPVs operating currently in the Indian market such as the ToyotaInnova and the Maruti Ertiga. The Nissan Evalia will be the first MPV which will be featuring the sliding doors in this price range. The Nissan Evalia is expected to be priced between Rs.8 to 10 lakhs. The price will surely will give it a competitive edge over the other vehicles in the same segment.

Launch of Enjoy and Evalia multi-purpose vehicles to happen in August this year

It is very evident that the first three months of the year 2012 has seen a lot of increase and decrease in the attributes of the Indian automobile industry. The automobile market, especially car market, has shown a very good growth in the two months of February and March, but with the declaration of the Budget 2012-2013, the excise duty went up and sent ripples of grief through the car manufacturing firms and customers alike. The customers and car manufacturing firms were very hopeful that if the Budget of last year wasn’t that good, at least this year’s budget would be in favour if not all that complimenting. But that didn’t happen at all. Amidst all this chaos of raised excise duty one thing never got a set-back and that was the introduction of new vehicles in the automobile market of India, multi-purpose vehicles in particular. If we mark the year 2012 as the ‘year of the multi-purpose vehicles’ in the contemporary history of car market of India, it would not be a wrong fact. There are Mahindra Xylo and Toyota Innova which are the renovated version of multi-purpose vehicle that are already running successfully on the Indian roads, and also are the leading vehicles of this category of automobile. The forthcoming multi-purpose vehicles of Nissan Evalia and Chevrolet Enjoy are anticipated to come into the market anytime in August this year.

Chevrolet Enjoy
Bringing the complete figure of multi-purpose vehicle to seven this year in 2012, are the Ashok Leyland Stile and Mahindra Xylo Mini. The Nissan Evalia is more of a panel van that is a recreated version of Nissan’s NV 200 multi-purpose vehicle. The K9K turbo 1.5 litre diesel engine sits proudly beneath the bonnet of Evalia. This engine is very popular everywhere for letting the driver and passenger have a smooth and easy ride on the fine account of its effective fuel competency and lollygag turbo lag. The added advantage with this vehicle is its sliding doors on the rear which enables getting in and out of the vehicle very quick and easy. In the beginning this multi-purpose vehicle is a seven-seater but if required, more seats can be squeezed into it as a viable option.

The Enjoy multi-purpose vehicle of Chevrolet has been designed and developed by the Chinese partner of General Motors, Wuling which belongs to the China’s SAIC group. The latest MPV of this joint collaboration is sourced with a Fiat MultiJet diesel 1.3 litre engine as well as it comes in petrol 1.4 litre engine as well. This multi-purpose vehicle is only known as Wuling CN100 in China, whereas in the other automobile markets it is well known as the Chevrolet CN100. The pricing has been kept on the same lines of Ertiga of Maruti Suzuki instead of Toyota Innova.

Nissan Evalia
Stile multi-purpose vehicle will also be launched by Ashok Leyland very soon in the same manner as the Nissan’s NV200 MPV has been re-set and re-christened. Evalia’s engine specifications would be introduced in this engine of Stile MPV in annexation to the passenger category. Though Stile’s introduction in the automobile market is for the major purpose of actuating goods, there is a CNG variant of this vehicle also in the plans of the company.

The MPV will let the Indian families have a good choice when going for a car which can accommodate the whole big family and can still be comfortable while being fuel efficient.