James Bond reveals the new Range Rover Sport in New York

British car maker Land Rover, in partnership with Tata Group of India, has revealed its all new second-generation Range Rover Sport. After its massive turnaround of JLR under Tata, Land Rover has successfully launched one refreshed and 3 all new products.

Land Rover stated that it is the most responsive and the fastest model of Rover till date. With 36 per cent increased sales over the previous year, the Evoque was a runaway success and made 2012 a very successful year for the firm.

On the eve of NY Auto Show, the company preferred the live drive via the city for the introduction as its Range Rover Sport’s major metropolitan zone and United States its top selling nation across the world.

Daniel drove the innovative sport utility vehicle through tight streets in Manhattan, and delivered the brand new Range Rover Sport to a jam-packed throng of invitees. The big list consisted of Yasmin Le Bon (Model), Michael Strahan, Zara Phillips MBE and Jade Jagger (Designer) at Skylight at Moynihan Station on eighth Avenue where the car was authoritatively disclosed initially.

James Bond introduces new Range Rover
During the last year (2012), after the launching of the all new generation Flagship Range Rover sport utility vehicle (SUV), the third member of the family has come out of the den.

The new Range Rover Sport supports the same all aluminum construction, and makes use of the same platform as its predecessor.

Even though 75 per cent of the components are not shared with Range Rover, the new Range Rover offers you tauter handling, sporty offer with great dynamics plus the new Sport promises to be more agile.

Though it is too early to speak on how much it costs because you could be undertaking the feature list and its position, the Sport is expected to be very promising.

Being significantly lighter (due to building), with SkyFall (the most recent James Bond movie), the JLR has cashed in on the film, Daniel Craig now intends to help by unveiling the car.

The new Sport is going to compete with Volkswagen Touareg, BMW X5 and the Audi Q7.

The initial Range Rover Sport was rolled out in the year 2005 and has since sold approximately 380,000 vehicle units all over the globe with New York being the major market.

The innovative model will go on sale by the third quarterly period of 2013 in over 169 markets all over the globe; India is absolutely one of them.