Renault Koleos given a price hike

Renault has increased the prices of its Koleos SUV. The vehicle is now going to cost dearer by Rs.1 Lacs. The ex-showroom price of the vehicle in Delhi is now Rs.23.99 Lacs, against the earlier price of Rs.22.99 Lacs.

The Renault Koleos gets its power from a 150Bhp, 2.0L, common-rail all-aluminium diesel engine that is provided with variable valve timings. The Nissan X-Trail is also powered by a similar M9R engine. The engine of the Koleos is mated to its six-speed auto transmission gearbox. Other features that have been incorporated in the Koleos include cruise control, 17” alloy wheels, front seats having tray tables behind them, Sound system from Bose having Bluetooth has also been incorporated. Audio controls are mounted on the steering and six units of airbags have been placed for added safety. To top it off, Renault has offered anti-rust warranty for 10,000km or 5 years for the Renault Koleos.

Renault Koleos given a price hikeThe closest competition that the Renault Koleos faces is from the Santa Fe of Hyundai, which is powered by a 2.2L CRDi engine that can offer a peak power 194Bhp. The Hyundai Santa Fe has been offered in two variants – the 2WD variant costing Rs.20.95 Lacs and the 4WD variant costing Rs.22.95 Lacs. Both the prices are of ex-showroom, Delhi.

Renault Koleos given a price hike

Comparing the Nissan X-Trail with the Renault Koleos

Both the Nissan X-Trail as well as the Renault Koleos has been launched in the premium SUV segment, in Diesel-variant only, for the Indian market. The article attempts to analyze the features of both these vehicles, to give the reader the basic idea of which vehicle to go for, in line with their requirements.

Engine Specifications:

Both the vehicles have been provided with 1995cc, 4 cylinder diesel engines. The maximum power and torque for both the vehicles are also a similar 150 Bhp @ 4000 rpm and 320 Nm @ 2000 rpm, respectively. Both the vehicles are expected to reach a top speed of 180 kmph.

Nissan X-Trail in India

External Dimensions:

[table id=15 /]

While the X-Trail scores in its length, the Renault Koleos adequately compensates with greater width and marginally greater vehicle height. The Koleos looks smaller from the outside than a standard SUV, but has greater space inside.

There is not much to comment on exterior features, both cars having come from a common sharing platform of Renault and Nissan.

Renault Koleos in India

Interior Decor:

The Renault Koleos provides ample storage inside the cabin, with an eye-catching as well as functionally greater interior features. Four AC vents are fitted in a manner that the vents are facing the occupants thereby ensuring better airflow. However, the audio and AC controls have been fitted very low in the dashboard, making it cumbersome to reach them.

Renault Koleos interior

Renault Koleos interior Renault Koleos interior

The Nissan X-Trail interior gives the feeling of it being a high-class sedan. The rear side-seats being foldable, makes the space so large that even a bicycle can be placed inside.

Nissan X-Trail interior

Nissan X-Trail interior Nissan X-Trail interior

Safety Features:

Powerful suspension in the Nissan X-trail makes it a very safe car for varied driving conditions. Four advanced technologies have been incorporated in the braking system, which gives the car better control during braking. Standard dual airbags have also been provided.

The Koleos has been provided with a host of advanced safety features that include the Anti-Lock Braking System that has been perfectly complimented with the Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, front fog lamps, airbags, parking sensors, all disc brakes and the likes.

Nissan X-Trail in India


The Koleos is a clear winner in this segment with an average mileage of 13.7 kmpl as against around 9.0 kmpl of the Nissan.

Summarization of the benefits and also the negativity of both the cars is as follows:

[table id=16 /]

Renault Koleos in India


Both the models are in the same price bracket, with the off-road pricings varying from Rs.22-24 lacs, based on the model and features. So, not really much to differentiate in monetary terms!

Renault Koleos in India review


Renault’s second oops third product in India happens to be the Renault Koleos. What India gets now is the refreshed version of the Koleos available internationally. A good thing considering that Hyundai still preferred to bring its older generation Santa Fe here. The Logan impressed us with its space quotient and so did the Fluence with its premium feel. Now, if the Koleos would actually be something new or just a reworked thing is what our review here would uncover. We got a Koleos courtesy Renault’s friendly PR person and this is what our wordings for the Renault Koleos in India are. Check on Road Price


It is said that Renault’s Indian arm induced the designers to go in for some minor changes in this car and especially on the front end. The reason is that the earlier Koleos had a face which would have been called plain ugly. Not that the newer iteration had some major changes but it had the thing which one can call as digestible. The grille, bumpers, fenders and the head lamps are the bits which have been revised and the grille is now a conventional 6 sided unit. Additionally, since Indians love chrome, Renault has put in 3 chrome slats as well. A slight pinch in the shape of the bumpers can also be observed. Once again, there are chrome strips lined up here. The satin roof rails also add up to the premium feel. Blinkers outside the rear view mirrors are a given in this segment. Renault have shod the wheels of the Koleos with 225/60 R17 tyres. The alloys were of a certain unique pattern and many would like them. We did. The styling towards the rear is nothing path breaking but it definitely looks stylish in flesh. A single tail pipe and a chunky one at that would break away any notions of having a sporty exhaust note.

Renault Koleos in India


Allowing the interiors to looks spacious as also cheerful, Renault has put the black and beige effect to good use. Almost every thing in here gets a chrome accent, correction aluminium accents. The steering wheel is a different unit than the one accorded to the Fluence, however, those who have had driven the Fluence would identify the placement of the controls, especially the steering audio controls. The instruments binnacle seems pretty much ordinary. Renault have used high quality materials for crafting the interiors of the Koleos. That said, the multimedia interface is one which isn’t user friendly and it took us a good half an hour to figure out some details. The storage bin nestled behind the parking brake lever has got both USB and AUX inputs inside it. The dual zone climate control works wonderfully for our climate conditions. The driver gets an electronically controlled seat while the co-passenger has to make do with manual adjustments. The seat at the rear has got good lumbar support but the taller ones would find some knee-room missing. The rear seats also have multiple reclining angles and this makes anyone sitting there very comfortable. Highly recommended for long distance travels. The boot of the Renault Koleos in India is also well designed and the rear seats have a 60:40 split arrangement added to them to aid convenience. Lots of cubby holes in and around the cabin are available, provided one actually looked for them. Surprisingly, a new thing is that Renault has got Bose stickers on the doors (inner portion). Now, this is something which we haven’t seen any manufacturer doing. It may be because of the fact that this car has one of the best original music systems which sound great even at low volumes, not to mention the superb clarity even at high decibels. Maybe Renault earned a good royalty from Bose for this sort of advertising.

Renault Koleos steering wheel

Renault Koleos interior Renault Koleos interior Renault Koleos interior

Handling and ride quality

The Renault Koleos in India weighs close to 1.7 tonnes. The Koleos gets a 4WD powertrain but this is a shift on the fly unit. Most of the times, the Koleos would see its primary function being satisfied with the front wheel drive only. Proof is that 99 percent of Scorpio buyers rarely take their vehicles out in the rough and these buyers opt for the 4×4 variant. There are 3 modes provided in the central stack and these contain the auto mode, 2WD mode and the 4WD mode. The best choice would be to go for the auto mode wherein if the vehicle’s sensors detect that there is a wheel slippage, then the 4WD mode is activated. However, unlike the European Koleos, the one we have here doesn’t feature the Hill Descent Control system. Typical suspension for European vehicles has been used here and this includes the likes of a MacPherson strut in the front with a multilink setup at the rear. The ride quality is exemplary for an European SUV and moreso in the Indian conditions. Every pothole we encountered on the road was put away with disdain. The body roll for this one was there, however, not in excess. Infact, the benchmark for handling, the Skoda Yeti would have a close competitor in this one. Minimal body roll accompanied by a steering wheel which has got a nice feedback action dialed into it makes the Koleos a delight to pilot in traffic as also on the openways. The ground clearance for the Koleos was a good 206 mm but upsetting the dynamics of the Koleos are its set of wheels. These aren’t the best for cornering and as regards the grip levels, there is a limit to it and one which is achieved very easily. The point is that the Kumho originated rubber try to balance out things in proportions and not excel at a single thing. Looking at the thing, it feels as if they were tuned more for the fuel efficiency bit. The in-cabin noise is almost non-existent and even gunning this SUV revealed a muted noise. Kudos to Renault for this excellent noise damping.

Renault Koleos in India

Renault Koleos in India Renault Koleos in India

Engine, performance and fuel efficiency

Renault and Nissan share platforms as also engines and drivetrains. It’s a no surprise that the Koleos uses the same engine as the one found in the X-Trail. Why only the engine, Renault also uses the same transmission. This 2.0 liter diesel motor produces 148 Bhp of power and 320 Nm of torque. This has become a standard of sorts for most SUVs in India and every SUV right from the recently launched XUV500 to the Tata Aria uses Aria uses this configuration. This engine and powertrain has proved its might on the Indian soil with reports of X-Trails going strongly even after 2 lakh kms and not even needing an engine overhaul. Though competition like the Santa Fe and Fortuner have more powerful diesel engines, only the Koleos, X-Trail and Santa Fe (now) have automatic transmissions and this is something which the buyers in this category look upto. The 6 speed auto transmission is a slow unit and is best used at leisure. The 0-100 kmph figure though came up in only 12.3 seconds. The Skoda Yeti, Fortuner and of course the Santa Fe post faster times. The top speed of this one was a cool 177 kmph. The engine is a free revving unit, however the turbo boost which start at around 1700 rpm ends at around the 2800 mark. Brakes in this SUV remain a strong point and a slight dab on the pedal is all what is needed to ensure that the SUV steers clear of the obstacle. Brake Assist, EBD, ABS and various other electronic aunties are present in this car. Not only this, this one has a solid reputation as far as crash safety is concerned. It gets 8 airbags and a 5 star Euro NCAP rating. What more could one ask for? Not only this, the ARAI certified fuel efficiency is 13.7 kmpl, which is apparently a conservative thing since we regularly saw 14 plus kms to a liter on the multi information display. Apparently, it seems that the ARAI figure was done in 4 wheel drive mode.

Renault Koleos engine


Renault has a total of 5 models in their lineup, out of which they have already launched two this year. The remaining would be launched by next year. The Koleos looks to pave the path for the smaller and much cheaper Duster model. The Koleos has got its own set of strengths with the weakness being minor and something one would learn to live with over the years. Weaknesses like the ease of use of electronic gadgetry and the lazy gearbox will tend to iron out over the months of ownership. However, the strong points are one too many to ignore. These include the likes of seating comfort, features, ride and handling as also fuel efficiency. The diesel is a tad muted as related to the others in its class but it is sufficient enough to keep up with the traffic and also at times, overtake them. The Renault Koleos price in India stands at Rs 22.9 lakhs. This price is ex-show room, Delhi. It is available only in one variant, just like the other Renault products. All Renault needs to do is up the ante as regards with the sales and service centers. The cost of ownership also needs to be explained to the prospective customer since that forms an integral part of any buying process. A proper comparison test would show us how the Koleos stacks up against its competition. In the same vein, a couple of lakhs lower down pricing would have ensured that Renault gets some advantage in this competitive market.

Renault Koleos in India

Renault Koleos set to debut along with 2 cars sometime next year in India

Renault is planning something big in India. Like so many International car makers coming into India, Renault’s putting big bets in the Indian car market. With the ongoing recession in the United  States and Europe, car manufacturers are viewing India and of course China as emerging markets along with Brazil and Turkey where the possibilities of sales is much higher than compared to the US or in Europe currently.

Renault’s entry into the car market saw its collaboration with Mahindra when several cars were launched with all bets on Logan to do well, but rather it did fail to capture Indian hearts and overall did poor in sales and fared badly.

One of the reasons perhaps is Renault failing to reach an agreement with Mahindra in partnership and having not arrived at a final decision yet, but as only time can heal petty feuds like these, the companies shouldn’t stop undertaking new ventures, though it’s pretty evident that the same is going on now.

Renault Koleos in IndiaNow, it’s definitely the right time for Renault to keep the past buried and look forward to launching 3 new cars into the car market in India, a market where all the biggies of car manufacturing are viewing as an emerging market. Len Curran, company’s senior official, said Renault’s planning to introduce 3 new cars here sometime in the beginning of next year.

The cars to hit the roads are Duster, a mini SUV; a midsized car and a sedan. In the meantime, the Koleos which is likely to debut into the market may catch people’s attention. Priced at 22.94 lakhs, it’s an easy option for car enthusiasts who believe in great engines and classy interiors.

Curran had earlier told Renault would be launching the Koleos in Kerala as they feel people in Kerala have more cars when compared to other States. They also plan to open dealerships and hope the Koleos would be received well in Kerala.

Renault Koleos SUV makes its debut in India


Renault, on their resurgence mission in India, earlier launched the Renault Fluence and now within a few months, the Renault Koleos SUV. Towards the end of 2012, the company plans to introduce atleast 5 cars in India and the Koleos is the second launch, which would be succeeded by three others. Renault India’s Managing Director Marc Nassif was present at the do to attend to the press. He said that the Koleos would actually make its debut in a few days in the Frankfurt show, however, they have actually launched it in India to give it an all new head up. The Koleos has got a 4×4 drivetrain and is an SUV in the true sense of the word.

Currently Renault has about 14 dealerships in India and the company is aiming to increase these numbers by atleast 40 by the end of 2011. By 2012, the company has plans to make it to a total of 100 dealerships. Hill Assist as also Hill Descent are part of the standard fare and there would be only one fully loaded variant. The 2.0 liter diesel engine in the Koleos makes a decent 150 Bhp of power and supporting it is the 320 Nm of torque coming in as low as 2000 rpm. An auto gearbox with 6 ratios in it is assigned the duties of shifting gears. The company has also put in keyless ignition, cooled glove box, dual zone climate control as also parking sensors and a high end Bose audio system. 6 airbags and various other electronic aids contribute to the active and passive safety. A best in class warranty of 4 years/80,000 kms is just the required topping on the French pizza. The Renault Koleos price is Rs 22,99,000/- ex-show room, Delhi. The delivery times for this SUV would start within 10 days from today. Get detailed Preview of the Renault Koleos.

Renault Koleos SUV makes its debut in India

Renault Koleos in India Preview


Seems that the French car maker Renault is going on in full swing for its Indian operations. No sooner had we unveiled their plans of bringing in the Renault Duster as also the Renault Fluence to the Indian market, their plans for their third launch have also broken cover. The third launch would be the crossover, the Renault Koleos. The Renault Koleos in India would the off roader which would take on the likes of the Toyota Fortuner, Chevrolet Captiva and also the Skoda Yeti. Whichever market it is, the trend is to start with an affluent saloon, then go for a SUV and finally a volume generating hatchback. Renault started on the wrong foot with a projected not so costly saloon but which ended up as costly affair. Since Renault are ready to look past that debacle, it wouldn’t hurt to appreciate the company’s efforts.

Renault Koleos in India

To begin with, the Renault Koleos in India would be based on the same platform as the Nissan X-trail as also the upcoming Renault Fluence. The looks of this so called SUV would be on the same lines as the Porsche cars. Sharp looking nose coupled with a slot provided for the Renault badge is something which not many designers think of. The head lamp design though is a bit quirky and as are the air intakes. In a very circular insert lies the deeply embedded fog lamps. The aluminum skid plate covering the front bumper is made of high quality material. Unlike other SUVs, this one doesn’t have a sloping bonnet. Wonder where pedestrian safety went to? The wing mirrors are body colored and there are silver roof rails adorning the roof. The 16 inch alloy wheels don’t boast of any significant design which would turn head neither do the tail lamps. In profile actually this SUV looks very much like the Chevy Captiva. The rear skid plates also mirror the front ones. The slopping roof line for the rear windscreen glass gets a single wiper for company.

Moving onto the interiors, they look similar to the Fluence. Though the upper part of the dash feels a bit plasticky, it is well put together. Like the Ford Fiesta, the AC vents with chrome surrounds close fully and this would help the Koleos to cope up with the Indian weather well. The 3 spoke steering wheel has got scroll controls on it which handle the music system and also the cruise control system. It is said that the Indian spec would get Bluetooth enabled audio system with additional controls on the steering wheel. The instrument cluster seems a bit boring to look at though. The steering is tilt adjustable as also for rake and reach. Due to this very same nature, entry into the front seats isn’t restricted and would fit most sizes. The rear seats have enough leg and head room to cater to most sizes. Moreover, the very fact that there is an electrically releasable split tail gate for the 440 liters boot space implies the usability of the Koleos as a day to day transport vehicle. There are many creature comforts inside the cabin with climate control, navigation system, front and rear parking sensors as also a 8 speaker music system with AUX and USB input taking center stage. There are many storage spaces as also cup holders. The design of the cup holders however does remind one of the Renault Logan in India. The quality of materials used however cannot be doubted even though this smart SUV is made in Korea. Yes, this vehicle is made in Korea to keep the costs down however don’t expect Korean cheapness in the use of materials. They are made to Renault’s strict quality specifications.

Renault Koleos interior

Since the Renault Koleos in India would essentially be the same vehicle which is made for the European market, it is highly likely that it would have the same suspension setup as in Europe. The ground clearance is generous at 207 mm and the suspension setup is on the softer side. This would translate into the Renault Koleos being more reluctant to turn into corners and even if it does, would induce noticeable body roll. Steering feel is also said to be of the vague nature with it being ultra light on city speeds and not weighing up sufficiently for some highway action. NVH is also said to be on

the higher side and the Chevy Captiva would easily win this bout if the NVH comes into play. However the thing of noticeable concern is that the Renault Koleos would have a velvety ride quality. Be it whichever speed, the car is said to remain perfectly stable and also devour potholes the way a glutton would eat cheese balls. This car comes in 4×4 configuration and this makes it an off roader. However like the Honda CR-V, even this one has on demand 4 wheel drive which means that this vehicle is essentially a front wheel drive car but the 4×4 option kicks in when it detects wheel slippage. Like in the Skoda Yeti, there is also a hill ascent and descent control switch which when activated allows the car to negotiate ascents or descents without the driver using the accelerator or the brakes. The 4×4 part has been designed by Nissan since they have more experience than the Renault in this field. Chances are that Renault would also be providing a 2 wheel drive option only for the Koleos and this for those people who wouldn’t be using the 4×4 option much. Cost effective proposition then.

Renault Koleos interior Renault Koleos interior

Coming to the engine part, the Renault Koleos in India would sport two engine options. One diesel and one petrol. Our sources however are skeptical of the petrol motor making it to India. If its shared with the Fluence then there are chances that it would make it into India. It is a 2.5 liter petrol motor and which is supposed to make 170 Bhp of power and 226 Nm of torque. It will get a 6 speed manual as also an auto transmission. The other and the most important engine for the Indian market would be the 2.0 liter diesel engine which is also present in the Indian Nissan X-Trail. This engine would be making 175 Bhp of power and a good 340 Nm of torque. It will also get the same transmission options as the petrol variant. The Renault crossover is no slouch when it comes to the performance stakes and it will match the Skoda Yeti’s performance if not better. The gearbox is said to be rubbery in its operation. Top speed would be restricted to just above 200 kmph.

Safety features would be taken care of with 6 airbags, ABS, EBD and also tyre pressure monitoring system, reverse parking sensors and finally collapsible steering column. The fuel efficiency is something which Renault would have to get right and if the fuel efficiency of the Nissan X-Trail is anything to go by, then the Koleos would be a sure shot winner for Renault in India.

However all would depend on the brand image that Renault manages to build for itself in India. For this very reason, the company has decided to debut with the Fluence saloon. The Renault Koleos would be available in only two trim levels and it is hoped that Renault would price this SUV in the correct price bracket. The expected Renault Koleos price in India would hover between the Rs 16-18 lakhs mark. If this is the case, then Renault would definitely have their hands full with too many of the wealthy boffins going in for this SUV.

Renault Koleos in India