2011 Skoda Fabia Roomster in India

Skoda Fabia Roomster Review

Just a little while ago the Geneva Motor Show was witness to the latest face lifted offerings from Czech car maker Skoda. They unveiled the newest look of the Skoda Fabia Roomster and Skoda Fabia Estate along with the modified upgraded engines. These compact car offerings from Skoda have gotten fresh exterior styling, an exciting range of engines which incorporate new technology and touched up interiors as well.

The Roomster and Estate now get new front grilles and “3-D shaped headlights” which gives it a better dynamic look accentuating their stance and giving it a wider look as well. Under the hood will be an upgraded engine portfolio with four units being powered by gas and two being diesel-powered and starting from a range of 60 horsepower up to 105 horsepower.

The 2011 Skoda Fabia Roomster as the name suggests also packs quite a spacious cabin for this MPV car and is comfortable for all passengers. Expected to hit the Indian market in the fist quarter of 2011, the Skoda Fabia Roomster is one of the most eagerly awaited vehicles from the Skoda stable after the Skoda Yeti. With an expected price in the range of 13 to 15 lakhs depending on engine options and features the Roomster should provide Indian audiences with a good choice in the MPV car segment

Performance – 2011 Skoda Fabia Roomster in India

The all new 2011 Skoda Fabia Roomster will offer a range of engines which will either be petrol powered or diesel powered and give between 60 and 105 horsepower. This should make it very exciting to see the response it receives in the Indian market as it will provide the market with various options to suit every buyer’s requirement.

In India one of the main concerns of buyers is mileage and the Skoda Fabia Roomster is fitted wit a range of engines from 1.2 liter to 1.9 liters. This will additionally provide options for those that are looking for high fuel efficiency as well as performance.

The 1.2 liter TSI petrol engine is mated with a seven-speed, dual clutch DSG gearbox and gives the best in the range horsepower. Do not let the size of this engine fool you as with it engineers at Skoda not only extract maximum power but also amazing fuel efficiency. This four-cylinder 1.2 liter engine is available with two power levels delivering 85 horsepower and 105 horsepower. Skoda also provides the option of a five-speed manual transmission mated to this engine.

Other variants of the 1.2 liter engine are the 60 horsepower, 4 cylinder, 6 valve; the 1.2 liter, 12 valve, 70 horsepower and the 1.2 liter TSI, 85 horsepower.

The Skoda Roomster is also available with other petrol versions and has either a 1.6 liter delivering 105 horsepower and 153 Nm of torque or the 1.4 liter which puts out 85 horsepower and 132 Nm torque. These engines will be mated with a five-speed manual transmission and deliver a great combination of fuel economy and performance.

The diesel variants of the Skoda Fabia Roomster will have two types of engines – the 1.4 liter, turbo diesel, common rail putting out 80 horsepower and 195 Nm of torque and the 1.9 liter, turbo diesel, common rail giving 105 horsepower and a peak torque of 240 Nm. The diesel version of the Fabia Roomster will also be mated to a five-speed manual transmission and will also have a ventilated disc brake system and power assisted, speed sensitive steering. The 1.9 liter TDI is the same engine that is presently used in the Skoda Octavia and should continue to be the one of choice for Indian buyers.

The Skoda Roomster provides a great combination of mileage and performance and buyers will be delighted with the latest engine offerings from the car manufacturer. The 1.2 liter and 1.4 liter petrol engines should deliver around 10.2 km/l while driving in the city and around 15.8 on the highway. The 1.6 liter petrol engine should deliver around 9.6 km/l in the city while giving around 15.5 km/l on the highway.

The diesel variants are touted as giving 14.6 km/l in the city for the 1.4 liter engine along with 20.2 km/l on the highway, with the 1.9 liter TDI being able to deliver a mileage of 13.9 km/l in the city and 19.2 km/l while driving on the highway.

Steering in the Skoda Roomster is light and makes for easy maneuverability and the turning radius of the Roomster is also very tight. The power assisted steering makes for a completely enjoyable and comfortable ride whether in the city or on the highway.  The ride quality in the Roomster is smooth and even at high speeds the car is stable and compliant.

Interior noise levels are a bit high as the smaller 1.4 liter engine knocks a bit although the more refined 1.9 liter diesel is quite silent at speed with only road noise tending to filter through.

2011 Skoda Fabia Roomster Styling

The styling of the Roomster is one of its unique features with new modifications to the front end and interiors as well. The front of the Skoda Fabia Roomster has been redesigned to fit in the new engine portfolio and now has a more aggressive styling. The body is an eclectic mix of both straight and curvy lines and incorporates masculine and feminine design features.

The wheel wells of the Roomster are pushed out a bit further and give the car a broader stance. The widening of the car has also increased interior space for passengers to sit more comfortably while also increasing the ground clearance.

The exterior of the car has a much stronger finish to it and the car now has a much sturdier look. The rear door handles are integrated into the black window border and provide a nice touch of class to the car. Front headlights are 3-D styled and flow smoothly into the hood which then cuts sharply upwards to meet with the high roofline.

The rear of the car has those feminine features I mentioned earlier and the wide curvy rear end is accentuated by the wide rear wheel wells. This gives the impression that the car has a large boot, which it does. The taillights are placed mid way up the tail gate and are vertically positioned to provide optimum viewing to other drivers and the rear window is wide and also features a rear wiper.

Interiors of the car are a bit of a let down when compared to the exterior styling but that is not to say they are not good. The interiors are designed and styled keeping in mind comfort and functionality for all occupants. The interiors are dual tone and the dash, seats and instrument cluster look neat and tidy with the black and grey combination.

The front cabin is very spacious and the seats offer good cushioning and support for both occupants. The steering wheel comes with a rake and reach option to offer maximum comfort for driver position. The rear cabin is also very spacious and easily fits three passengers with loads of headroom and more than adequate legroom. The rear seats are also 60:40 foldable and offer increased storage space when required.

Additional features in the Skoda Fabia Roomster include leather wrapped gear knob, power assisted steering, leather seats and upholstery, leather trimmed steering wheel, chrome pedals, climate control, remote fuel cover control and door ajar warning indicator.

2011 Skoda Fabia Roomster Pricing and Recommendations

Skoda has been planning the launch of its multi purpose utility vehicle since mid 2008 and after extensive feasibility studies and extended research and development they have finally decided to introduce the Skoda Fabia Roomster to Indian audiences. This eagerly awaited MPV should put the cat among the pigeons in this ultra competitive segment.

With Indian buyers now being more comfortable using foreign made cars and Skoda actually being one of the better received car brands in the country the Skoda Fabia Roomster is a practical choice with price being very competitive among its other diesel powered rivals.

It is small enough to fit into the price range of the small car segment but the interior space allows it to compete with much more expensive cars. Skoda as a brand always promises good value for money and the Skoda after sales service is now on the up and is also becoming cheaper. Skoda has introduced their extended warranty and sales service for customers to make it easier to get vehicles serviced. They have also reduced their insurance costs making running costs of Skoda vehicles more affordable.

The Skoda Fabia Roomster continues with the Skoda tradition of reliability as well as customer comfort and satisfaction and the Roomster meets all the required safety requisites. Safety features in the Roomster include electronic stability, ISOFIX seats, central locking, dual front and side curtain airbags, ABS and electronic brake force distribution. With the price expected to be between 14 and 16 lakhs we will have to wait and see what kind of impact the car makes on the Indian market.

2011 Skoda Fabia Roomster in India Specifications and Price

Vehicle Category: MPV
Engines (petrol): 1.2 L, 4-cyl, TSI, 105 HP, 185 Nm torque
Engine (petrol): 1.4 L, 4-cyl, TSI, 85 HP, 132 Nm torque
Engines (diesel):
1.4 L, 4-cyl, TDI, 80 HP, 195 Nm torque
Engines (diesel: 1.9 L, 4-cyl, TDI, 105 HP, 240 Nm torque
Drive train: Front engine, 5 passenger, 5-door MPV, FWD
Transmissions (standard): 7-speed manual DSG
Transmissions (standard): 5-speed manual
0-100 kph: 15.9 sec (est.)
Mileage city/hwy (petrol): 10.2 / 15.8 kmpl
Mileage city/hwy (diesel) 14.8 / 20 kmpl
Base Price: Rs.14 – 17 lakhs(est.)

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