2012 Ford Figo cheaper by Rs16k

9th March will be special for Ford since it will mark the second anniversary of the launch of Ford Figo in the Indian market and thus owing to the occasion, Ford is bringing delightful offers with Figo and the new 2012 Figo is all set the be cheaper by Rs 16,000. The discount comes as an enchantment to all those who have been looking forward to purchasing a Ford Figo and will come as a Free Insurance option. Ford recommends every upcoming customer to contact their nearest Ford dealers in order to avail this discount. Ford has been generous in availing this discount offer on both its petrol variant as well as the diesel variant. Ford is quite enthusiastic and is highly anticipating the demand of Figo to go up after this offer and is already being flooded with bookings for Figo now.

Ford Figo was launched amongst high anticipation and the interiors of the car received special appreciation from the critics. The car fared well in the market and the demand of the car has always been steady so Ford considers Figo as a special asset. Ford has improvised and revamped the new Ford Figo to a great extent and the new Figo has many components which were initially not present in the predecessor model. The Ford Figo Titanium model is considered as one of the best hatchback models of Ford owing to its interiors as well as exteriors. The ergonomics of the car have also been given a new touch. Thus the enthusiasm is high following this new offer as people have always trusted Ford and praised it. So now in the upcoming months Ford plans to increase the sales as well as the production rate of Figo so that it comes out to be one of the most sold hatchbacks of Ford in India.

2012 Ford Figo

The Ford Figo Titanium Plus variant will be pepped up to a great extent as Ford has shortlisted a whole new collection of accessories which will be present in the new upcoming Ford Figo. Amongst the upgrades in the interiors, the new Ford Figo will be more spacious than its antecedent. Adding to that, the wheelbase of the new Ford Figo will also be larger than that of the previous one. The car is said to be economic and all these qualities add to the zest of the car. Ford Figo’s diesel variant is highly revered as it decreases the emission rate of carbon dioxide and fares well over its contending variants of diesel cars in India. The handling of the car is good and the seating of the car has been made in such a manner so as to ensure that the passengers as well as the driver are able to sit comfortably in the cabin. Presently Figo comes in petrol model which is priced at Rs 3.80 Lakh and the price of the diesel variant is a little more than that of the petrol variant.

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