2014 Jeep Cherokee Revealed and May Come To India

Jeep is in ‘hot topics’ of Indian auto fraternity as said to be the biggest launch of this year. It does carries a lot of ruggedness under a plush cover that will be going to outdo everyone from start to end of niche luxury segment, without an exception to Honda CRV and other colleagues.

Jeep now had officially released images of Cherokee, not ‘Grand Cherokee’, to stand competitively against Nissan X-Trail and its likes. It is smaller than the Grand version therefore sporting all aggressive vibes to core for marking those same personas down the line as well. We are very much pleased that the carmaker took such a risk for delivering its outcome before New York Auto Show, but engine displacements are still under cover to avoid losing all its charm before gaming on it. Hence we say a nice attempt to this image release, but were too unobvious for such an organization.

Tentatively, Cherokee will be marked below Grand Cherokee – as said, and down to ‘Wrangler’ as well. Looking at the image, those iconic seven vertical stance of Jeep branded vehicles are clearly visible and that too in a bold manner. Headlamps seem more powerful than ever, as eyeing very brutally with LED, while shoulder lines and bumpers looks refreshed. Extensive use of chrome makes it to stand apart from others unlikely to the base ‘Compact Wide’ (from Fiat), that is pinned under US spec Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Fiat Viaggio and Dodge Dart saloon.

2014 Jeep Cherokee

Cherokee is a first upbringing from Fiat-Chrysler Alliance meant to be breaded with 9 speed automatic gearbox. Getting straightaway to the point, Americans are expecting this one with a 3.2 liter V6 which is very doubtful for our Indian market, but a tweaked 3.2 of the same may be a good speculation.

Commenting on a first of its type transmission, CEO Sergio Marchionne says it as, “the future of the front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive world of Chrysler.”

Hence concluding the whole, all is dependent on its launch date, delay in the event will earn – more of competition. Early birds thinking will might prove beneficiary for Jeep, because India is heavily flooded with localized carmaker that wastes no time to grasp things when competition is on such type of a fiery ramp.

New Jeep Cherokee

Notably, Jeep Liberty to be discontinued internationally when the 2014 Cherokee will be rolled out.

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