2015 Honda Step WGN Unveiled In Japan

In Japan, Honda unveiled the 2015 Step WGN. The van is shelled in a brand new avatar. Prominent face of Honda making debut on its car across the world too is found here. Front grille and headlamps constituting the most. Further, the body is sculpted nicely with bold wheel arches and fresh set of doors. The maker says them as Waku Waku Gate for the reason of its opening style on the side.

Stepped inside the cabin, digital instrument cluster flasher over the eyes before anything else could. The gloss black trims, three spoke steering wheels and wood finishes makes up for a cozy theme all around.

In the engine bay, power is send by a freshly made 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo engine of 150PS and 203Nm of torque mated to a CVT (continuously variable transmission). Optional all-wheel drive system is also on the list.

2015 Honda Step WGN Unveiled In Japan

2015 Honda Step WGN Unveiled In Japan 2015 Honda Step WGN Unveiled In Japan

Honda will retail 2015 Step WGN from April 24, 2015, starting for a price of ¥2,288,000.

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