2015 New Maruti Swift Dzire In India: Review

It’s Swift a one recalls in India on seeing the Suzuki logo. The fact is well-known by company and it leaves no stone unturned to make the most of it. Swift Dzire, the compact sedan of hatchback Swift, is the only model that outsells other in its class. Though, even after going a facelift the car hasn’t changed much, but the amendments carried out are very substantial in nature despite being small in size. Let’s explore how they fare against the old model.

  • Exterior

Firstly, the front grille in chrome will take over the eyes. A bolder appearance gives it a typical Indian look. Complimenting on the bottom of front bumper are those fog lamps enclosures that too see chrome accents. Secondly, the headlamps on either side of the front grill with dark black hue approaches the spectator for a brawl. Tempt in aggression are an add-on via these blackened heads.

At rear, its most interesting part, nothing changes here. So, those expecting a new show from Dzire at its back will now have to carry the drive disappointingly. Simultaneously, this also turns good news for the existing owners who will not feel left out from the crowd of fresh buyers. There aren’t any amendments on the wheels even. Those 10-inchers continue the duty offering option of alloys on top-end variants.

2015 New Maruti Swift Dzire In India

  • Interior

Step inside the cabin, the disappointment carries on. Beige-black dashboard with wooden accents accounts for that old premium feel. Those, expecting slight changes here may have to leave the car jacket-faced. The mid-variant of Dzire holds a very flimsy plastic feel on the steering, but chrome garnishing on the top-end is a suitable option.

  • Engine

Open the bonnet, and there aren’t more surprises either. The 1.3-litre diesel and 1.2-litre petrol engine options takes on the task of fulfilling every household needs. But a slight change in gear ratio make this car’s driver to enjoy no gear shifts very often. The start line and the mid-range see power-packed performance. The ratios shortened on the gearbox also aides this activity of driving. As far as the reports goes by our friends from media, number of horses declines up to redline and car feels breathless to deliver power after a certain level. But the suspension works tirelessly to keep the brash from rough patches outside the cabin. The sound deadening materials too works the challenge the same way as suspensions.

2015 New Maruti Swift Dzire In India

  • Overview

Maruti cars in India sell well for their outstanding fuel-economy, and in diesel this time, the company has attempted a record of delivering 26.59kms from a single litre, whereas, on the petrol it sits with 20.08kmpl as per the notations of ARAI.

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