2019 Bajaj Qute Priced From Rs 2.63 Lakh

2019 Bajaj Qute Priced From Rs 2.63 Lakh

The 2019 Baja Qute has been launched and will come with a price starting at Rs.2.63 Lakhs. The CNG variant of the car would cost Rs.20,000 more at Rs.2.83 lakhs. The new Qute is powered by a 13.1HP 216cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled DTSi engine. The peak output in the CNG variant is a bit lower at 10.9HP.

The engine comes mated to a 5-speed sequential manual gearbox. Top speed of the Qute is limited to only 70kmph. Braking duty is done by drum brakes, fiber doors and does not have any air- conditioning. According to Bajaj all these have been done to keep the cost of the car low. According to Bajaj, the Qute has a running cost of only Rs.1.53 per km which is even lower than a motorcycle.

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