2022 Tata Altroz DCA Launched | Pricing | Variants | Features |

2022 Tata Altroz DCA Launched | Price | Variants | Features |

Tata Altroz DCA has just been launched by Tata Motors. We will mainly cover the mechanical features of the new transmission, the variants and the pricing of the Altroz DCA. Keep reading!

Tata Altroz DCA Pricing 

Starting directly with the numbers, Tata Motors has launched the Altroz DCA at an introductory price of Rs 8.09 Lakhs for the XMA+ variant and the price stretches to Rs 9.89 Lakhs for the top-end XZA Dark Edition. This makes the Altroz the most affordable automatic hatchback in the segment, and what’s mind-blowing is the fact that it is the cheapest in the segment, despite offering the much advanced Dual-Clutch Transmission when compared to the rival’s offering of the AMTs & CVTs.

Tata Altroz DCA Variants

The Altroz DCA is available with the following variants XMA+, XTA, XZA & XZA+. The DCA will also be available with the Dark Edition variant, the XTA & XZA – Dark Edition.  

The Altroz DCA has been launched with a new colour option, Opera Blue. With the addition of the new shade, the Altroz DCA will now be available in seven colour options, Downtown Red, High-Street Gold, Arcade Grey, Avenue White, Harbour Blue, Opera Blue & Cosmo Dark.

Tata Altroz DCA Engine & Gearbox

The Dual-Clutch Automatic will only be available with the 1.2 L Revotron petrol engine, which develops 86 HP & 113 Nm of Torque. Tata Motors has travelled the extra mile to make the Dual-Clutch Transmission reliable and optimised according to the various weather, terrain & driving conditions of India.    

The Dual-Clutch Transmission houses a comprehensive list of complex & technical features, which makes it the best DCT in the segment. For starters, it comes with a Wet Clutch system with active cooling technology, which helps reduce the friction between the clutch components and offer a long-lasting and reliable gearbox. 

Further, for quick gear shifts, the DCA uses Shift By Wire technology which basically are electronic signals for the gear shifts, not depending on the mechanical wires, which often delays the time taken to shift gears. This technology comes in handy for drivers who expect their automatics to shift gears as soon as they press the accelerator pedal. 

The gearbox of the Altroz DCA comes with machine learning, which helps it learn the different driving patterns of various drivers of the car and then optimise the performance of the gearbox accordingly, to deliver a custom driving experience specifically as per the need of the driver. These are some crazy levels of technology to be seen in a hatchback that costs less than Rs 10 Lakhs. 

To reduce the wear and tear of the gearbox, it comes with a self-healing technology, which helps keep the gearbox in healthy condition avoiding any repairs. The gearbox is self-sufficient to filter dust particles that may potentially damage the gearbox in the long run. 

Lastly, the gearbox also comes with a safety feature that further enhances the safety levels of this safest hatchback of the segment. The Altroz DCA comes with an Auto-Park Feature that automatically activates the handbrake, in case the gear lever is not shifted to the Parking position, avoiding any potential accident due to a careless mistake. 

All of these features of the gearbox are segment-first, which rightly justifies Tata’s claim of it being the Gold Standard of Automatics.  

Amazing pricing & amazing features, but is it as amazing to drive as it sounds? Stay tuned to Indian Drives, while we try to get you a drive review of the Altroz DCA, as soon as possible.

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