400 orders for Maruti Kizashi in a month

Maruti Suzuki India Limited seems to have hit the right spot with the Maruti Kizashi finally. The doubts that the company as also the general motoring scribes had about the Indian audience accepting the first big car from Maruti Suzuki in the sedan segment.Within a month of its launch, the Maruti Kizashi has raked in 400 confirmed bookings and runs into a 3 months waiting period. Moreover, the deliveries for this luxurious sedan would start from tomorrow.

Mr R C Bhargava, the Maruti Suzuki Chairman was quoted as saying that overall the company is very happy with the response from the Kizashi as the company had to face disappointment earlier on with the Maruti Grand Vitara. Since the Kizashi doesn’t boast of a diesel power plant at the moment whereas all of its competition boasts of one, the 400 bookings really is a point of elevation. The Kizashi, he said that straddles both the A4 and the A5 segment wherein cars like Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Toyota Camry and Honda Accord compete with it.

Since the Kizashi is a CBU unit, apprehensions about its price point were taken into consideration and Maruti have already ordered about 350 more units from the facility in Japan. More and more of the Kizashi models are now up in Maruti Suzuki show rooms for display and the car buying public sure is taking a fantasy to this car. The company is mum about the prospects of a diesel power plant for the Kizashi as of now. Even internationally, the Kizashi doesn’t have a diesel power plant. However seeing the rising demand in India for petrol prices, the company may be prompted to check out the diesel option very soon.

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