Additional services offered by BMW India

BMW India in a bid to have a close bond with their existing customers are offering a special Advanced Secure Services Program. It is applicable for 2 years from the date of purchase. This new facility would cover many free services including the likes of a service backup, taxi arrangement for vehicle immobilization, discharged battery services, towing services, additional fuel supply and also flat tyre services.

In addition to all this, BMW is also offering accommodation services, 24×7 medical services, pickup and delivery of additional spare key and the best part is that for new or existing BMW owners, this service would be available in all parts of India and at any time. However, after the first two years of this service are completed, owners would have to renew these services at an additional cost, that is if they want to continue with this service.

A dedicated call center for the same has been setup by BMW and it is a centralized one and the number for the same is 1800-103-2211. This small step by the company would definitely go a long way in establishing a good customer bond and build the trust that the company needs to demolish its competition with.

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