Adrian Sutil backs Force India

Force India, the only F1 team from India owned by Mr. Vijay Mallya of UB breweries has got F1 driver Adrian Sutil back in the ranks. In Valencia, Spain, on the final day of the pre-test season, he was caught testing the VJM03 car. Infact as of now, he has completed about 100 laps with the same car. He was last seen testing the car in Abu Dhabi last year wherein which a tyre test was conducted. Pirelli was the make of tyres which was been currently tested. Like his fellow team mates Nico and Paul, his primary focus was on checking data related to the performance of the tyres under varying conditions like fuel loads and different tyre setups.

The VMJ04 would be running in, for the first time in Jerez. The entire team would be present there from 10th to 13th February. Adrian Sutil was quoted as saying that he enjoyed the lap rounds with the VJM03. He said that the car was running smoothly as per his expectations. He was also of the view that his sole motive today was to check on the fuel load conditions as well as alternative tyre setups.Moreover, he commented that he is happy with the performance of the tyres and now, they have a good bond of understanding between them. His colleagues have already done the tyre testing on the previous day and had collected lots of information on the same.

The VMJ04 is the new model which is set to roll out next week in Jerez. The Director of circuit engineering, Mr Dominic Harlow said that the entire team is optimistic of the performance of the new car as it has lesser down-force than the outgoing model but then he wants to let the car do the talking and not his words.

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