Apollo Tyres Introduces Fleet of the Year Awards

The transport sector contributes 10% of our nation’s GDP, most of which comprises of road transport. This transportation network usually carries 80% of passenger traffic annually, and 65% of domestic freight. Apollo Tyres decided to recognise this feat by fleet operations by awarding them.

To encourage, recognise and share the best practices, the tyre manufacturer started an institute the Fleet of the Year Awards that would exclusively recognize the contribution of CV fleet owners, a first in India. The main objective of these awards was to encourage and recognise the many innovations and practices that take place in this sector.

Through these awards, the company is looking to develop a platform to exchange information as well as share their best practices in the transport industry, so that more fleet operators are able to reach higher in the value chain.

There were 4 different categories that directly addressed the operations and business on the whole level. These include the fleet for the year, award for passenger operations leadership, Lifetime Achievement, and the award for operator of small fleets. There was also special recognition that was kept in all the categories specifically for small fleet owners.

There were four more unique categories that included that awarded safety leadership, operations leadership, customer service leadership, and sustainability and technology leadership. After four regional rounds, the ceremony will be held on September 2011.

The company’s chief of India operations, Satish Sharma, said that speaking about the introduction of these awards that in his many exchanges with large and small transporters, he was often amazed by the initiatives that were taken by some operators; whether it was in maintenance, customer care or safety.

Over a period of time, he felt the need that these stories should be shared both for encouraging such practices and or enabling others to hear them and learn about them. By introducing the Apollo Fleet of the Year Awards, they are making a small contribution towards this sector and thanking the millions that help to make sure the Indian economy functions smoothly.

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