Aston Martin Plans to Sell around 100 Models by 2012-end in India

The premium car market in India is rapidly increasing, causing many premium car manufacturers to officially enter the Indian auto market. According to recent reports, premium sports car manufacturer, Aston Martin, which entered the market only a month back, plans to sell around 100 car models in India by 2012-end, having sold 20 models so far.

The premium car market in India is witnessing a lot of competition with marquees like Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati and Mercedes present in the market. The niche premium car brand displayed their Rapide model, which has so far become a best seller, along with two models the Vantage and the DBS, for increasing awareness about other models.

The Director of Performance Cars, the official Aston Martin importers in India, Lalit Choudhary, said that during the first year of he launch, they expect to sell around 30 models, and by 2012-end, they intend to sell around 100 models in India.

The company entered the Indian auto market on April 15, in Mumbai. Their cars are priced around Rs.1.35 crore to as much as Rs.20 crore, according to ex-showroom. Choudhary said that as consumers move up from premium luxury cars, to the super luxury segment, cars priced upwards of Rs.1.5 crore will have increased sales. Gujarat is a great market for these types of cars.  The exlusive, limited edition, One-77 is priced above Rs.20 crore according to ex-showroom, and is showcased in Mumbai.

The manufacturer has just 6 to 7 One-77 models left with them, and they can be brought to India. Aston Martin offers their entire range of models in the Indian market, excluding the Cygnet, small sports car, which was launched only recently. Choudhary also said that by importing CBU from UK to India, attracts an import duty of 110%. More four months are needed for customizing cars and some more time before it is delivered.

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