Aston Martin Q customization: Geneva preview

Following the styling strategy of its British rivals Bentley and Rolls-Royce, the Bond car gets a customer choice-oriented customization option.

What it did is, it brought together the styling, engineering and craftsmen department to allow customers to choose the personalization of their like. Now the interiors of the car could be matching your shoe or your bag. The styling is not just limited to the exterior and interior, the customization will give the car a unique personality thanks to the Vertical Horizontal (VH) architecture and modular design. This includes finishing your any color or material across the inside or outside, adding HD trackday cameras built into the car and much more.

Aston Martin Q customization: Geneva preview

The British automaker will highlight two models customized to the Q specs at the Geneva Motor Show. One of which is a Virage with an exclusive Mariana Blue exterior with luggage rack and forged alloy wheels. It also features blue carbon fiber trim, saddle leather floor mats and video camera. While the hatchback Cygnet will feature a Cherry Tree paint job, leather upholstery and photographic leather accents on the headliner and doors.

Aston Martin Q customization: Geneva preview Aston Martin Q customization: Geneva preview

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