Audi A3 Sedan coming to India

On the occasion of launch of A8 L4.2 TDI, Audi India has finally put an end to the speculations about its intention to launch Audi A3 sedan in Indian market. Audi has confirmed that A3 will be driving its way to India very soon. The main aspect of Audi A3 will be its pricing that will be just below Audi’s Q3.

Further, Audi is also committed in strengthening its presence in Maharashtra. Audi also revealed its 20th outlet in Mumbai and is planning for five more outlets this year. Head of Audi India, Michael Perschke said that Audi has put an target of selling about 8000 cars this year and Maharashtra is one of the key markets that could help it with it.

Audi A3 Sedan coming to India

During July 2012, Audi India marked a sale of about 680 cars that is about 90 percent higher than the total car sale during the same period last year. Audi has achieved these incredible figures by selling its A6, new refreshed A4, and youthful and muscular Q3. Along with this news, another news that spread like a wildfire was that may be Audi India will start assembling Audi Q7 locally, i.e. in India itself.

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