Audi S5 Sportback India Launch By Mid 2015

No one had thought the performance segment in India would shoot-up this eagerly. Thanks to the marketing strategists of those carmakers who suggested, performance doesn’t bring in the numbers instead they enhance the brand value and thus promote the sale of small models. Due to such, makers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi started flooding the Indian market with as many of them as possible. A one from the stack of those, needless to say, extremely powerful machines, Audi S5 is confirmed to make India debut by mid-2015.

Positioned between the S4 and S6, based on A5 sportback, internationally it hits buyers in the guise of coupe and convertible both. Here, a raised hand from a random spectator asked, what differentiates it from the more powerful and the beastlier RS5. To its answer, both of them are totally different in the powertrains. RS5 uses a V8 of 4.2-litre for 444bhp that sends the adrenaline gushing on the pretext of ‘raw’ power, whereas S5 falls a bit sophisticated on the positioning side so uses a V6 of 3.0-litre delivering 328bhp via supercharger. Even the chassis is slightly softer like the suspension than the RS5 fore daily use.

Audi S5 Sportback India Launch By Mid 2015

On cosmetic comparisons, the lines drawn on the S5 is more or less in accordance with the S4 and S6, very much unlikely to the RS5 because of the set of buyers they both aims at. In fact, that sloping roofline to the rear of it makes it to stand out with altogether a different character.

Hence, the pricing may get it fixed somewhere between the S4 and S6, a position in between the slot of Rs 60-75 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). Mid-2015 was sounded feasible to roll it off the sales floor in India.

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