Audi to bring unique driving experience to multiple cities

Audi is all set to bring its unique driving event to multiple cities. The driving experience program is also known as the Audi Sportscar Experience (ASE) 2013. This one of the kind driving event will be starting from Mumbai on 19th of April and will last till 21st of April 2013.

The event earlier took place at the Buddha circuit, in Greater Noida and MMRT track in Chennai, and is now brought down to multiple cities. ASE is an event associated closely with the high performance sportscar from Audi and will be offering chance to the auto enthusiasts to understand, feel, drive and experience the uniquely built Audi R8, Audi TT, Audi RS5 and Audi S4.

Audi R8
Audi fans across the country will be experiencing thrill and adventure of a life time with the Audi high performance cars. The program will mainly focus on exceptional driving and handling techniques in a Sports car under guidance. Now for the first time Audi has decided to bring such a unique program to Mumbai as part of its multi city event. This show how important Indian market is for Audi and also the aspirations company is hoping to cash in this growing market. Company is hoping that more and more people will volunteer to sign up for the event, thus making it a great success.

Audi sportscar

India is one of the fastest growing auto markets in the world and most of the auto makers are trying to get their hands on the biggest chunk. Audi hopes that this unique program will help to increase its presence among the potential customers. Audi is currently holding the second spot just behind BMW in the luxury car segment.


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