Audi To Upgrade Its Car Electrical System To 48 Volts

Audi is reported to upgrade the electrical system in its car to 48 volts from 12 volts at present.

This new technical advancement will not make door open for the brand to a number of applications, but would also relief the engine from loads of electrical gremlins which earlier in 12-volts it used to hamper the performance.

The adaptation to 48-volts remains a solution to the overload on battery during winter temperatures. “Higher voltage leads to smaller cable cross-sections; in return this translates into lighter cable harnesses along with lower power dissipation,” says the official report of Audi.

Audi To Upgrade Its Car Electrical System To 48 Volts

Hopefully, Audi had tested this new invention on A6 TDi and RS5 TDi concepts. This new advancement is a one more step of the Group towards electrifying the drivetrain.

Alongside, Ingolstadt based automaker had seized the route to a compact lithium ion battery that develops 48 volts energy and a new, alternator to carry this 48-volt project ahead. As the new alternator being slightly hybrid in nature, it saves output of ten kilowatts, far more than is possible at present. That means a saving of up to ten grams of CO2 every kilometer (16.1 g/mi), which sums up to approximately 0.4 liters of fuel every 100 kilometers (62.1 miles).

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