Audi Working on Hydrogen-Powered A7

Following the futuristic trait of Hydrogen-fuelled cars, automotive horizon is said to be inclining in this respective plethora very soon after the hangover of EVs’. Recently seen the alliance of various carmakers with each others for developing this advanced technology, we now came to know that Audi is also working on a hydrogen powered A7 five door coupe which will see the testing grounds very shortly.

However, it is not the only model from the stable of Ingolstadt based carmaker but Audi had also developed a Q5 Hybrid Fuel Cell (HFC) in 2009. The Q5 HFC used two hydrogen high-pressure cylinders to send power to its twin electric motors.

Audi Developing Hydrogen-Powered A7

Yet not much of the details had been revealed but we expect ‘Hyundai’ to emerge as the first automaker for rolling out the production specific HFC in the fraternity. Hyundai was said to be developing the model plate Tucson in the HFC badge which is going to roll off from the production line in 2015.

With a not so tending popularity around the world, hydrogen fuelling isn’t gaining good grounds in the industry but we hope, soon the audience may realize its potential over EVs and would start demanding for the same.

The thing that needs more concentration here is, one need to pin it perfectly underneath the matter of running cost. Then only we hope the vying markets may brisk in good amount of grip for this to be a new conventional.

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