Bentley Continental GT Speed revealed

Some leaked images of the convertible GTC version of the Bentley Continental GT Speed has appeared on the internet. It is speculated that the model will be making its debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January.

It is expected that the features and specification of the convertible will greatly vary from the GT Speed coupe. The convertible is expected to be powered by a 6.0 litre twin turbocharged W12 engine that will deliver a peak power output of 616 bhp, the engine will be mated with a 8 speed auto gearbox that will be directing drive to all four wheels. The coupe can reach from 0 to 100 km ph in just 4.0 sec but we are expecting the convertible to be a little slower due to the extra weight it will be putting on via fabric roof mechanism.

The real difference will be the top speed. Coupe can attain a top speed of about 330 kmph, so we are expecting the convertible to touch at least 320 km ph.

Bentley Continental GT Speed revealed

Bentley has done some tweaking with the coupe, it has stiffened the chassis, upgraded few hardware in air suspension and have also uprated the steering, so we could expect these changes to appear with the convertible also. The ride height is also expected to get slashed with the new 21 inches wheels.

Styling changes are quite subtle and mainly focuses around dark patched mesh for the grille and air intake. Dual exhaust pipes have also received a rifle finish. Bentley has also upgraded the interior with top level leather.

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