Bentley Launched Fragrance for Men

Bentley is quite serious about its upcoming SUV, but alongside the production of its luxurious off-roader which is awaited to happen in 2016, luxury British carmaker had kept itself busy with the other cornices of luxury.

A new fragrance “Bentley for Men Absolute” is the latest addition to a collection that has secured a firm position in the small group of international luxury fragrances.

Created exclusively for Bentley Motors, the men’s fragrance collection, includes Bentley for Men and Bentley for Men Azure.

The exclusive fragrance is made using precious woods and natural essences.

Bentley Launched Fragrance for Men

One of the world’s most famous perfume makers, Michel Almairac, has put his extensive knowledge from his creations for Robertet, the world’s leading fragrance house for natural fragrance compositions, in Grasse and Paris, France, to work for Bentley.

Speaking about the new men’s fragrance, he said: “I wanted to express the strong, authentic side of the Bentley brand, while also bringing out its timelessness. I therefore focused on woody notes, which have strength and unique character. This is also why I chose precious agarwood for this composition.”

The luxurious Oud in Bentley for Men Absolute fulfils the promise of the word “absolute”. This resin, which has a beguiling and mysterious note, comes from evergreen trees native to Asia.

Those who are interested to buy this special British perfume, can head to the Harrods UK from June 1, and the products are from Eau de Parfums category, where the price for a 100 ml bottle is pegged at £110.

Mentioned here are the details of the fragrance for the lovers of fragrance and toiletries.

  • Top notes:

Pink peppercorns

  • Heart notes:

Atlas cedar

  • Base notes:


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