Bentley SUV Teased for First Time

Bentley was in great hype when its heads confirmed of launching their first SUV by 2016. Now, that British carmaker has revealed its first teaser images, teasing the only front portion of the upcoming SUV. Hopefully, on that note, the traditional Bentley mesh grille is retained which looks assisted by the two rounded headlamps on each of the sides, whereas the conventional SUV stance is confirmed. Rather than that, none other tweak is aborted out in the teaser. Bentley SUV will be the fourth model line, and has been described as being a “thoroughbred” by the company’s officials. Hope so, this maybe the first SUV from the niche carmakers in modern times.

More to it, a hybrid version of same will be launched in 2018 claiming efficiency of 25kmpl on electric charge.

Sources have claimed that the prototype has cleared the summer testing, where the winter testing in underway.

Bentley SUV Teased for First Time

Bentley is claiming to have sold more than 2000 cars in pre-booking arena, where customers haven’t seen the car yet but has booked trusting upon the carmaker’s craftsmanship and engineering examples till date. Hope so, the pricing will be as usual of Bentley style – the premium. And it is said to dominate the market of Range Rover very strongly.

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