BlaBlaCar Ride Sharing Service Launched In India

In the times of rising fuel-cost, car pooling industry had taken everyone by storm. Simply, we had seen number of them, now, a really cool concept made its way to India.

The BlaBlaCar Car, a French car pooling service launched its services.

BlaBlaCar helps to connect the users travelling between different cities with each other via a smartphone app. Only Android and Apple versions are available now. Such a convenience service can allow the users to share expenses and journey, which turns out to be very cost-effective.

On a mandatory basis, users have to sign up using their Facebook account, and since then their profiles are authenticated by BlaBlaCar, which after the journey users can leave the ratings for each other.

BlaBlaCar Ride Sharing Service Launched In India

Using the BlaBlaCar app, users can also find a ride, contact the owner via private messaging or phone, and can plan the journey. Car owners are entitled to put up complete details of journey. For e.g. price per co=traveler, date and time of departure, departure and arrival points. It is during the journey when co-travelers are have to shell out the money for service of the car owners.

Surprisingly, there is also a comfort level which users can choose from. It’s not the model and make of the cars; instead the app holds a function which allows users to rate how much the other mates chat during the journey. The levels are classified as:

  • Bla: Not very chatty
  • BlaBla: Enjoys a good chat
  • BlaBlaBla: Won’t shut up

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