BMW 1-Series Sedan Spied For First Time

Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz’s upcoming CLA rifled BMW to take on the eluded segment with the 1-Series sedan. For raking the most of numbers, it will be catered to the upcoming markets and new buyers. About to be bagged just as a segment-filler, the 1-Series hatchback turned saloon is comprised of a raised boot based on the company’s UKL platform.

There was a 2-Series Tourer too in the market, which sources says may lend some cues, but most of the aesthetics here are carried from the 3-Series – as the 1-Series is a scaled down model of that.

BMW 1-Series Sedan Spied For First Time

In the spied images, it was 16-inch 10-spoke alloys and dual exhausts that shown up brightly. Other gimmicks include a large sunroof extended towards the rear bench and reflectors on rear bumper.

Though, the images appeared on the web are  the first ones, so making a conformation about exact technical specifications could be quite tough, but it isn’t meant to rejected the similar engine options of 2-Series Tourer – a 1.5L, 3-cylinder petrol and a 2.0L, 4-cylinder diesel. Power outputs depended on the markets it will be exactly catered to; still the combinations would be ranging in between 136 and 231 PS with 220 to 350 Nm of torque, both mated to a 8-speed ZF auto gearbox. Hence, for some there could be 1M performance edition that could be in petrol tweaked to charge outstanding performance apparently with All-Wheel Drive from X-Series.

Launch may happen sometime in 2016, with possibility to reach the maximum markets with a shorter period. So, don’t remains glazed next time whenever you see it testing in your country, as already BMW has shown up late to the party.

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Image Courtesy: World Car Fans

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