BMW 520d in India


BMW India have launched their cheapest 5 series sedan in the Indian market. Earlier, we had reported about the launch of the 525d which was touted as the cheapest entry into the 5 series bastion. But as of now, the BMW 520d would be the cheapest. It is the 5th engine variant on sale for the BMW 5 series in India. First of all, there is nothing to distinguish it from its other costlier brethren, save for the grace of the 520d badge at the rear.

Under the hood lurks a 4 cylinder 1995 cc diesel engine from the BMW 3 series. It makes 184 Bhp of peak power. However it wouldn’t have the same gear stock as the 3 series and would feature a more advanced 8 speed auto transmission albeit without the paddle shifters. The other visual differentiator would be the 255/55- R17 tyres. Interior equipment range has also taken a slight cut with the 6 CD changer been axed and a single CD player taking its place. BMW India have been kind to add aux input, USB and also a Bluetooth connectivity.

The on-road price of the BMW 520d in India is Rs 41,60,000 {Delhi}. This makes it cheaper by about Rs 2.4 lakhs than the previously cheap BMW 525d. Certainly a good choice offered at a good price.

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