BMW Z4 Concept Revealed

BMW Z4 Concept Revealed

We’ve been waiting for this car a long time and well finally we get to see the BMW Z4 Concept. The concept previews the production roadster and it’s absolutely brilliant to look at. The orange droptop will make a grand entrance at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 20.

The folks at BMW say that the traditional styling cues have been done away with. To give you an example, the vertically oriented headlights diverge from the horizontal layout which we normally see in cars from German brands. The Z4 concept features a fascia that appears to float below the hood. There’s a V-shaped piece of carbon fibre which dominates the centre.

The angular design with the long, clamshell hood’s rounded shape make it look proportionate and the long slits are an interesting touch. As you expect out of most sports cars, the Z4 concept gets an all-black interior and there’s a splash of chrome here and there, but you can’t miss the very obvious red paddle shifters. The Z4 concept comes with a digital instrument cluster and a wide infotainment display, a feature that we’ll probably see in more BMW cars soon.

There are no details about the powertrain on offer on the BMW Z4 concept but we expect a four cylinder with 195 bhp and an inline six with 335 bhp to be offered.

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