Bosch plans investing Rs.250 crore in 3 years for its aftermath business

Auto component maker, Bosch Ltd. is reportedly investing Rs.250 crore in the coming three years on their aftermath business. This has been aimed for increasing revenue generated from this division to touch Rs.3000 crore.

Reports state that Bosch is aiming to generate Rs.2000 crore in revenue from their aftermath business in the current financial year and also want to increase their training centers for the mechanics from the current figure of 11 to 15, in the coming three years. The V.P. (Automotive aftermarket) Bosch Ltd. S Muralidharan has said that the company will be investing between Rs.200-250 crore within the coming three years for expanding their aftermath business. This would include increasing their centers for car servicing to 750-800 outlets across the country against the current figure of 500 outlets.

Bosch plans investing Rs.250 crore in 3 years for its aftermath businessThis investment would form a component of the total investment plan of Rs.2500 crore till 2013 that the company had announced earlier in the year aimed at diversification of business, augmentation of capacity and setting up R&D centers in India. Muralidharan also said that the company had been growing strongly at double digit rates and expected the trend to continue. The company was also hopeful of crossing a turnover of Rs.3000 crore within the upcoming 3 years against the Rs.2000 crore that they expected to achieve in the current financial year. However, the company was also losing out about 30% on their aftermath business mainly because of spurious and fake parts available in the market. However, they had experienced a positive signal in the reduction of the impact of these spurious parts due to raids that had been conducted by them jointly with the local authorities and also because of the education that they were imparting to their mechanics.

The mechanic training centers would be increased to 15 from the 11 that are there at present, within the coming three years. The company has plans of training 25,000 people in the current year with the figure expected to double in the coming three years, reports stated.

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