Car Park Assistance System

Car parking with this growing traffic and escalating number of cars has been an increasing trouble. There are multiple car parking-assistance technologies in the market which help you choose a perfect parking place nearby and within reach. Cars can reportedly have this system fitted to help their users navigate with smooth parking experience and make their journey easier. Though they are not one hundred percent accurate, the car park assistance system still saves the user efforts of fighting their way into parking slots. It is a very handy and easy to use system.

Car Park Assistance System
Ford has a system called Active Park Assist. Most of these systems are parallel parking system. This Ford system is looking forward for development in perpendicular system as it is much better and easier than parallel parking. There are other ultrasonic and reverse parking assistance systems too. The reverse parking system is set in motion once the driver gets into reverse mode. The ultrasonic sensor systems have a method calculate the available space on vehicle dimensions. People rank the parallel parking systems fair or poor according to their rate of usage or preference. The perpendicular parking systems can be called Parking Distance Control which has sensors that look for hurdles and assures the driver of not getting the car damaged in anyway. This is futuristic and user-friendly system which is being currently worked upon.

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