Celebration time for Volkswagen after Polo wins Premium Compact Car Award

It is celebration time for Volkswagen Polo as the car which was launched in 2010 as the only hatchback of Volkswagen has now been crowned with the prestigious Premium Compact Car Award. This award ceremony was held and hosted by JD Power Asia Pacific. The sales of Volkswagen skyrocketed as the car ever since launched, has been garnering escalating response from the customers and thus now customers are more enthusiastic about buying a Volkswagen Polo after this achievement.

The looks as well as the ergonomics of the car are praiseworthy and Volkswagen has put a lot of power into the car and thus the demand of the car is naturally very high. Earlier Volkswagen only had a few models on the Indian roads which were high-end and only the high-class people could afford to shell out on them. But following the launch of Polo, the customer demand has increased manifold and now Volkswagen has made a name for itself in India which happens to be one of the most thriving automobile markets in the world with almost every luxury car-maker making their presence felt here. According to the J.D Power Initial Quality Study, Volkswagen Polo in terms of quality is one of the best hatchbacks of its class with impressive interiors as well as exteriors and the ergonomics of the car have been set up in such a manner so that the car accelerates better than every other hatchback and has the best handling.

Celebration time for Volkswagen after Polo wins Premium Compact Car Award
The award ceremony was held in New Delhi recently and hosted a wide audience which consisted of many dignitaries in the field of automobile as well as politics. According to the IQS scheme of J.D Power Asia Pacific, all the quality features of the car are ascertained and then analyzed on the basis of response of the customers who have been driving the car since a long time now and the problems that they had to face as well as the positive points. Volkswagen being one of the foremost companies in the automobile industry has many other car manufacturers to lock horns with and thus Volkswagen tries its level best to maintain standards so that it can continue to stay ahead of its counterparts. But now is the time to celebrate as Volkswagen has in the past won a lot of accolades all across the world for its cars and the technology it uses to build its cars. The reputation of Volkswagen in the automobile industry is quite good and thus the success of their first hatchback in India has made Volkswagen increase their chances of launching more hatchbacks in the future. The first to come will be Volkswagen Golf which has already started generating a buzz in the market.

Celebration time for Volkswagen after Polo wins Premium Compact Car Award
A survey done on 8000 recent Volkswagen Polo owners across 20 cities of India has garnered a good response from them and thus Volkswagen is optimistic regarding strengthening their stronghold over India with all types of cars from hatchbacks to sedans to SUVs.

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