Chevrolet Spark to Launch on 25th October, 2012

The name Chevrolet has originated from Chevy. It is an American brand of automaker industry. Further, it has been announced that Chevrolet Spark facelift will be launched in the month of October.

Some official images have been revealed of Chevrolet Spark facelift to lure the customers along with the date of launch. The launch has been set on 25th of October, 2012.

The new tag line has also been given to the new model “All New Spark”. However, no extra features have been added excepting the interior of this car, the rear and the front fascia which has been reincarnated.

Chevrolet Spark to Launch on 25th October, 2012

It will come with the new shads of interior. The major thing, which is actually changed and more influencive, is instrument cluster. It resembles of a fresh version of Beat Cluster. It seems that the general manger has not bothered about the engine modifications, since the Chevrolet Spark will carry the same 1.0 liter engine on petro and the LPG variants.

The company has not paid attention in improving the mileage and performance of the car.

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