Chevrolet to Reveal Captiva Facelift at Geneva

Chevy is the most trusted brand of US, and Americans are very much addicted to its long lasting legacy, which certainly can be named as Corvette.

Though we are not going to talk about Corvette here, but the SUV Captiva which had recently received a facelift, is once again going under knife for this year’s Geneva event. There were only minor tweaks in the previous upgrades which tend to be a due on the new fluidic stance (as expected). It means refreshed bumpers – a bit lowered on the front, 18” alloys, more aggressive yet friendly flowing lines, cool interiors with advancements and additional luxury for high end trims. Thus, the carmaker looks all geared to take on with some niche buddies in the class.

This week we too had reported the launch of compact SUV Trax in Korea which inclines Chevrolet is more interested in gaining the whole of sport and utility rather than sedans and other exclusives, as were still on the priority list of this automaker.

Need not to say, Captiva will be bearing the same power jags that is now being embedded with, and can be tagged as the best option to move on.

2013 Chevrolet Captiva facelift

Drawing more flaws on the badge, Susan Docherty, President and Managing Director of Chevrolet and Cadillac Europe says, “Captiva is the ideal companion for those who want to have some adventure, but feel that they could do with more space, capability and that extra bit of convenience,”  and that’s all true in its ‘captivating’ term.

New rugged may also come loaded with dual-zone climate control system, ambient lighting package and heated rear seats for surviving chilly winds of Europe.

Speculations are there for it to be exported in all its market, as compact and fully fledged SUVs are gaining more importance than any other segment in every nook and corner of the world.

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