Chevrolet’s TrailBlazer SUV expected in India

Chevrolet’s NEW COLORADO, the latest pick up truck from the stables of the company, was launched recently in Thailand, which is the most dominant market in the world for this range of vehicles. This is something which might not interest us to a great extent, however a news that is going to make us sit up and take notice is the news that the Trailblazer SUV, which has been based on the underpinnings of this pickup, is expected to be shown at the Dubai motor show, to be held next month. This platform sharing strategy between SUVs and pickups  that is being followed by Chevy has indeed reaped a lot of rewards for many automakers, examples that readily come to mind include Ford’s Endeavour/ Ranger, Toyota’s Fortuner/Innova/Hilux and the likes. The Colorado is erquipped with new diesel engine range, 180PS/470Nm 2.8 litres and also the 150PS/350Nm 2.5 litres, features that rev up interests in the Indian market. Though the track platform got developed in GM Brazil, it will be customized to cater to the needs of the various markets that it will be placed in. Sources expect the vehicle in the Indian market by May 2012.

Chevrolet Colorado

Some of the key features of the Chevrolet Colorado, that might be of interest to readers, given the fact that it will be sharing platform with the TrailBlazer SUV are:

  • Colorado was the pioneer in its segment in introducing roof-rail side airbags, as an optional feature.
  • There is a standardized battery saving system on the Colorado.
  • Colorado has been so designed that it soon became one of the quickest as well smoothest pickups in this class.
  • The engines of the Chevrolet Colorado, in addition to revving up more horsepower, have been known to offer a high degree of fuel economy.
  • All its models come with locking rear differential.
  • In order to improve the performance of the steering as well as the suspension, special enhancements have been provided on the vehicle.

Chevrolet Colorado interior

  • Heavy-duty brakes have been provided, to look into the safety aspect; keeping in mind the vehicle’s positioning of being used for rough applications.
  • An advanced twin-positioned tailgate has been incorporated in the Colorado, which can be secured even from a slightly open position.
  • All the seating rows on the Colorado are provided with head-protecting airbags on the curtain side; this is the first time such a feture has been made available on a GM pickup.
  • Optional features include the Onstar security and safety system, an oil life monitoring device, Satellite radios as well as heated seats.
  • The uprights seats provided at the rear have better comfort in usage.
  • Fuel economy of the vehicle has came in for appreciation.

Thus, the Colorado has indeed proven to be a winner in its segment of pick-up trucks. Its popularity in Thailand, which is the numero uno market in the world for this segment of vehcles, proves this fact.

So, this really builds up the expectations of the automotive lovers from the Trailblazer Suv, which is to be launched soon in the Dubai Automobile Expo. Given the fact that the Trailblazer would be sharing the same working platform with the Chevrolet Colorado, which has ruled the pickup segment, since its initial launch in 2004, one can safely put money into the odds that the newest SUV would definitely pack a paunch.

Chevrolet Colorado

The Indian automotive industry is waiting with expectation for the Trailblazer to make its entry into the highly competitive SUV segment in the Indian auto market. As the saying goes, consumers are ultimately the best gainers when the market in a particular segment becomes very competitive.


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