Coimbatore Resident Enters Limca Records Clocking in 46.33kmpl Mileage in his Tata Manza

Narayanan Menon, residing in Coimbatore recently entered the Limca Book of Records, when he clocked in an astounding 46.33kmpl mileage with his Tata Manza Quadrajet Aura ABS.

Narayanan Menon is the MD of the Aromen Engineering Co., and a proud Tata Manza owner. He achieved this remarkable feat on the by-pass of Coimbatore-Avinashi on May 25, 2011. Menon covered a stretch of 72.3kms in his Tata Manza consuming just 1.58l of diesel, which is an astounding 46.33kmpl mileage.

Menon, a mechanical engineer, created the astounding mileage to a combination of car maintenance and good driving. In India, fuel efficiency forms an important factor when buying, and with the increasing cost of fuel, this feat will go well for customers who are mileage conscious.

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