Compressed Natural Gas run cars coming soon to grab a big market share in India

With the demand of diesel cars increasing in the past couple of months because the petrol fuel prices soared so high that they gave way to the much cheaper diesel fuel engine cars. But with diesel engine cars, fuel is still going to be a bit expensive in comparison to the CNG (compressed natural gas) cars, which have been running on the streets of the metropolitan cities of India for more than five years now. These CNG cars have shown a very good ratio of reliability, compatibility, fuel efficiency, engine longevity and not to forget, very less emission which goes in improving the environment.

Although there is very limited number of CNG refill stations even in the metropolitans, but still the car manufacturers are very positive about its future as in the long run, it reimburses the money spent on its purchase through the savings done on fuel. Till the time we go completely electric from hybrid cars, these CNG cars will make an excellent substitute to those high end technological vehicles. Even after the entry of EV (electrical vehicle) and Hybrid cars, the CNG run cars will have its position secured as they will be in use at places where electricity may not be available regularly and diesel or petrol fuel would be expensive as well as not environment friendly as compared to the CNG vehicles.

Compressed Natural Gas run cars
Right now the number one automobile giant in personal cars as well as passenger or commercial usage car segment of India, Maruti Suzuki India offers Eeco, Wagon R, Alto, Estilo and SX4 models. In 2010-2011 Maruti Suzuki India sold 15,000 units of CNG cars in India, whereas in 2011-2012, this volume grew more than two-fold to 40,000 units. This shows a good trend as far as CNG vehicles are concerned. i10, Accent and Santro by Hyundai are also offered in CNG version for the Indian customers.  The likes of General Motors as well as Hyundai are confronting a rise in the sales of their CNG run cars. According to them, now buyers are more interested in going for a CNG vehicle even though it is a bit costly. But since these give more fuel economy compared to the petrol and diesel vehicles, they don’t mind spending the extra buck.

If calculated simply, the mileage cost of CNG is Rs. 2.09 per kilometer, whereas in petrol it comes to Rs. 5.05 per kilometer.In diesel it roughly comes somewhere close to Rs. 4.08 per kilometer. Now at an additional price of a minimum of Rs.60,000, we get a CNG kit fitted vehicle over its actual showroom or ex-showroom price. After a total distance of 50,000 kilometers we burn Rs.2,52,500 on a petrol run car, but on a CNG car we burn only Rs. 1,04,500 of fuel (CNG) for the same distance. A huge difference of more than a lakh makes it evident that CNG is cheaper than petrol and diesel fuel.The bonus here is the low emission which safeguards our environment.

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