Cornstarch making its way to auto industry thanks to TATA Motors

Cars from cornstarch? This might seem a little unbelievable but it is going to be true if Tata Motors has its way. Tata Motorswill use low on nutrition cooking ingredient, cornstarch, to build the body of their future cars. The R&D center of Tata Motors is researching on how they can increase the safety aspect of their vehicles by using cornstarch within the body of their vehicles. This process is still on the experimental stage and the Tata experts are still researching on it.

Cornstarch is a non-inflammable and non-toxic material and is also stretchable.The experts think that it will be a good material to use in the body of the cars and will help tremendously in protecting the vehicles and its passengers in the event of a crash. It has been found that materials made of cornstarch can withstand the pressure created during the event of a crash as compared to metals used today to build cars. The R & D center of Tata Motors is working hard to come up with something concrete on this front.

Cornstarch making its way to auto industry thanks to TATA Motors

Nowadays, auto companies are thinking of using the eco-friendly products in their manufacturing process. Ford is also planning to use cotton obtained from recycled blue jeans and use itas some sort of a shock absorber during crashes. The officials of Tata Motors said that these new ideas will come into work in around 2 years from now. Presently, they want to decrease the amount of plastic usage in the manufacturing of cars and that why they are in search for different alternatives. Use of cornstarch will also decrease the weight of the cars. Currently the company is building a small car and will carry out extensive test of this technology in that car.

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