Corvette becomes America’s lightest sportscar

Corvette, one of longest running sportscar brand in America, just became more powerful and lively as Z06′ scurb weight has been brought down to 1451 kg and as a result the total power to weight ratio has become 6.33:1. Halan Charles, Marketing Manager for Corvette told reporters that the horsepower is not the only factor that measures the performance but low weight and balance are also of same importance.

Corvette has always been known to use best materials for their vehicle structure, chassis and engines to improve car’s performance. Tadge Juechter, Executive Chief Engineer, Covertte said that Corvette has never been inclined to a single material irrespective of whether it is aluminum, carbon fiber, or fiberglass. Corvette has history of constant experimentation and evolution. It haslaunched newer models that have lesser weight that their predecessors. With the lowered curb weight 2012 Z06 has become the lightest sports car in America.

Corvette becomes America's lightest sportscar

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