Datsun Unveils ‘Go’ in India: Pricing to Start Nearby Rs. 3 lakh

Finally after a long course of media hype, Datsun had made an official appearance to us. It has unveiled its new car in Delhi (India) at an event which was used to be called as K2 in the making stage, but now they had officially termed it as Datsun “Go” in the production specific. This same model will also be launched in Russia, South Africa, Indonesia (and India too) by 2014.

The respective brand of Nissan is resurrected after 32 years and is expecting high hopes for many of the reason out there in lucrative mass car market.

However, pricing is not mentioned on the clear grounds, but speculation goes for the starting price tag of Rs. 3 lakh whilst the top end to be mentioned at Rs. 4 lakh.

Datsun Unveils Go
On the revelation, Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO, Renault-Nissan alliance, is expecting 10% market share of Nissan and Datsun in India may come from the 10 new models that are lined up to be rolled out for a very near future, hopefully by 2016.

Technical specifications are not yet extracted, but the brand claims D for durability, A for attraction, and T for trustworthy in the first three initials of name. Overall, it will be like “DAT-Sun”, hope so you got it right. Lastly, the main culprit which has been killing us is the 1.2L petrol engine!

Datsun Unveils Go in India

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