DC Avanti Supercar to be priced somewhere between Rs. 25-30 lakhs

Another great news from the auto industry is about to thrill the auto enthusiast this year in December. It is expected that India’s first ever Super car DC Avanti will be making its debut in the country by the end of the current year and will amaze all the auto enthusiast with its incredible price tag which is expected to be around Rs. 25 to 30 lakhs. Standing to its meaning “to take forward” the Supercar DC Avanti will hire all the looks and specs of a supercar.  And if the price tag is real then this supercar is surely to bag some great response from the auto lovers throughout the country.

Speaking more about the car, Mr. Dilip Chhabria said that the DC Avanti Supercar will make it to the Indian market in December this year with the deliveries to start in the December itself. Carrying all the features of a supercar, it also hires the strong and elegant look that is sure to more hearts. Now if we talk about the specification, DC Avanti will be powered by Ford’s 2.0 Litre EcoBoost engine that is capable of churning out maximum output of about 240 bhp with the peak torque of about 366 Nm. To match with the powerful engine, the Avant will be coming with rigid chassis layout that will allow it to offer consistency and better handling.

DC Avanti Supercar
It is quite mandatory for the supercars to carry on with the essential security features to keep the driver and passenger safe. Avanti also hires all sorts of essential safety features which are all set to surprise you. It hires 330 mm disc brakes on all four wheels along with the AP racing calipers, SRS airbags and the ABS system that has been designed by Bosch. So, looking at the specs and the looks it is a promising car. If a car comes packed with the sporty look and these wonderful features that also with an exciting price tag then it is something worth the deal. With the price like this, this car offers great value for money. More about the car will be revealed once it rolls out in Indian market in December.

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