Deadly 720 record-breaking stunt by TopGear

Sometimes it takes an impeccable gush of adrenaline into the veins in order to do something that no one has ever done. Standing in front of a roaring crowd bellowing at the top of their voices, it does feel to have conquered something. This is what happened in the Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban, South Africa where Top Gear was out to achieve something that we never achieved in the truest sense till date.

The Deadly 720 was the grand extravaganza of the first finale of Top Gear festivals held in the stadium on June 16-17. Thousands gathered to witness the daredevil stunt where four-wheeler was supposed to carry out a loop-on-loop 720 degree turn stunt. The 360 degree turn stunt has been carried out by many but very few held the cojones to think beyond 360. Now this has been achieved by none other than the Live Stunt Team of Top Gear magazine. With 15,000+ roaring in the crowds, the event started with three high-end sports cars including Aston Martin DB9 and Porsche 911 followed by the main event finale. Technically it is being said by stunt critics that Deadly 720 is considered as one of the most challenging stunts to be ever carried out as the proximity of disaster is optimum. There are many who would say that covering the first loop is a piece of cake for the stuntman but when it comes to the second loop, this is where things can go haywire.

Deadly 720 record-breaking stunt by TopGear
Towards the end of this year, this prosperous high-adrenaline Stunt team of Top Gear will be making their way to Birmingham’s NEC in the last week of October. These events will be having higher levels of toughness where the stuntman will have to have huge cojones as the tasks would be much more challenging. The Deadly 720 is something that had always been only in discussions but was never tried out on this scale and those who tried it out are the ones who would discourage trying it out again. The upcoming events will be having a range of crowd-favorite hosts in the arena including James May, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond as well as The Stig.It has been a long time since Top Gear Live Stunt Team has been actively involved in performing across the world and this is something that the team was eager to try out since a long time.

The venue was one of the stadiums in which 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals took place. The team was all prepared for any sort of drawbacks which never came. The level of precision required to conquer this challenge was optimum and even a minute mistake would have been fateful for the driver. The team of Top Gear is now looking forward to performing more and more across the world in order to break all the boundaries of daredevil stunting. Defying the laws of gravity, this was a stunt that has thrown Top Gear Stunt Team into record books and will be there until someone tries to think beyond Deadly 720.

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