Denso announces new manufacturing facility in Haryana

Denso entered India in 1984, and has expanded its foothold in the country ever since. It has six subsidiaries and is well established in fields of automotive air conditioning systems, fuel injectors, engine ECUs, starters, alternators, etc. With the success of automotive sector in India, the Japanese brand eyes expansion of its holdings in India.

As a part of the 2012 plan, Denso will put up a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Jhajjar, Haryana, which will be responsible for producing little motors for products, including windshield wipers, power windows and engine HVAC. Globally, the brand is successful in the stream of advanced technological systems and components in the areas of thermal, powertrain control, electric, electronics & information and safety.

Denso announces new manufacturing facility in Haryana

For the new plant, the Japanese brand is willing to invest a sum of $52.2 million in the establishment of the Denso Haryana Pvt. Ltd. (DNHA), Jhajjar Plant. The building construction will commence today, while the plant is expected to be ready by July 2013. When completed, the plant will facilitate 400 workers.

“As India is one of the most significant markets for Denso, with a great prospective for growth, the new plant at Jhajjar will add to our existing manufacturing capacity and help improve the relationship with Indian customers,” said Michio Adachi, Denso’s executive director in charge of the Powertrain Control Systems Business Group. “Our new plant will provide products mainly to consumers that have the facility located in Northern India, including Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors and other major automakers.”

According to data revealed by The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, the country’s automotive production figure will amount to reach 6.5 million units in fiscal 2015, budding from the current 3.7 million units in fiscal 2010.

Just recently, last month, the company inaugurated its technical center in Gurgaon City, Haryana. This is Denso’ sixth technological development center in the world in Haryana state. There are over 2,400 specialists working with the Japanese giant in India.

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