Diesel version for Mercedes A class and B class to arrive soon

Mercedes B class was revealed recently in India and managed to generate quite a lot of interest. However, the vehicle still lacked the diesel mill and thus was preventing Mercedes for local assembly. Once, diesel engine is assigned Mercedes will be able to assemble A and B class vehicles in India itself. The main problem is the diesel particulate filters or DPF that is installed with the transversely mounted engines to make them compatible with the Euro V rules.

DPF however does not work in India. The diesel we use here has high amount of sulphur and don’t have steady driving cycles that could burn the residue that surrounds these filters. Mercedes  B class has been working on the problem for quite a long time and the solution is now at hand. Engineers at Mercedes have successfully tuned the injection system for lower emission by changing the number of strokes per injection, thus making these engines Bharat IV compatible. This also means that the 107 bhp variant of 200 CDI could debut soon in India.

Diesel version for Mercedes A class and B class to arrive soon

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